The day started with me opening my front door and discovering two guys mowing the tiny lawn in front of my house. For some reason the endeavor involved two lawn mowers and not one but two leaf blowers. It was a lot of heavy artillery for a tiny lawn. It took them all of two seconds to finish the job. It is like using a machete to slice an apple. It won’t take you long.

Regardless, I was grateful for them. The front yard had grown so long that forest animals were forming habitats there. My sister told me to declare it an environmental protected zone to avoid the wrath of my homeowners association. I doubt that would work. I kid you not, the President of the HOA was watching the men work. It was as if she wanted to make sure it got done right.

I was so grateful to these two men that I opened the door to thank them. They seemed irritated with me for making them pause their leaf blowing to see what I wanted. When they discovered that they had to stop their machines to hear a ‘thank you’, they didn’t seem happy about it. People with leaf blowers don’t like to stop, so you better have a good reason. Nevermind, there is never a good reason. The act of opening my door to say thank you brought in enough allergens in my house to make anyone with seasonal allergies head for the hills.

The work day was basically normal. I left the building with our security guard scolding me for always being in a hurry. I realized how a total stranger can be so right. Sometimes it takes someone we don’t know to point out what we don’t realize about ourselves. I thought about this as I hurried to get my car ;)   I had to run a few errands and it required a lot of driving. After 2.5 hours in the car and errands done, I finally got home. I even said ‘woo hoo’ when I turned into my neighborhood. That’s how I know I was tired.

When I got home I discovered that for some reason I had an insane craving for chinese food that could not be tamed. I had to have it. Funny thing about cravings, nothing on earth will satisfy you except the thing that you want. I never order Chinese takeout anymore. Maybe once or twice a year at the most. Maybe I was too tired to deal with anything else.

What did I learn today?

1) Never ever disturb someone with a leaf blower. There is never a reason to do this. There are no exceptions to this rule.

2) If you are about to leave work thinking that you left something behind, you probably did. Check and re-check so that you don’t have to walk back into the building again looking silly.

3) There is never a need to get onto 495 in evening rush hour for any reason. Back roads are there for a reason and I am glad I used them today and avoided the parking lot that was 495.

4) As soon as you fix the broken fax machine and are able to recieve faxes, it will run out of ink.

5) I found a chinese takeout place that delivers within 15 minutes of your order. It was almost like this place I have never ordered from before was expecting my call and knew what I wanted. Maybe they are clairvoyant.

6) I need to stop rushing

7) I think I want to go buy my own leaf blower. I can turn it on anytime I want to avoid a conversation. People will be forced not to interrupt me for fear they will break the covenant of the leaf blower.

Things that I still haven’t figured out today:

1) What the source of that awful smell is that comes through the vents in our office building. It smelled like a cross between the C & O canal in August, a city dump, and 1,000 toilets overflowing all at once. (did I crystallize the imagery for you?) It’s bad. The mystery continues. If we ask our slum lords management company, they will just say, “what smell?”

2) Why did the lady who made my cafe mocha at Pret make an adorable star shape out of the mocha powder in my drink when I have a lid on the cup. The thought was nice, but I can’t even see it. It is like wearing a ball gown then putting a garbage bag over it. Ok, maybe not that bad. But it was still nice of her.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful day!


Until tomorrow,