These Robin eggs were found by a relative in her back yard last night. I thought they were so amazing. I looked up Robin eggs online and found that everyone copies this color created by nature to paint their house, pick out furniture and even appliances. Googling Robin eggs led me to tons of pictures of interior design. I had to search harder to find out about the bird itself and not the food processor that is the robins’ egg blue. I thought that was wierd. Well…I admit it is a pretty shade of blue…

Anyways, the other day was Saturday and I was walking to the office trying to be happy about going to work on a Saturday morning. I had succeeded and partially tricked myself into a good mood. Suddenly, I saw a man taking pictures of me with his phone. I couldn’t stop him. I tried to block my face as much as I could but he had already gotten a few shots in before I even noticed him. I am grateful I had sunglasses on at least. This pushed me right back into my bad mood where I questioned the crazy world we live in.

I walked into the office and tried to collect myself and regain my good mood. Not an easy task. As if right on cue, the universe knew I needed to hear something positive and good. I saw a patient who came in wearing a cast. She told me she broke her leg when she slipped into a swimming pool. She was running into the pool to try to save a small child who was drowning. She told me she ignored her pain and did everything she could to save that child. I told her she earned her wings that day.

So badly that morning I just needed to hear a story like that. I needed to know there were good and selfless people in the world. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the negative that you have to remember there are positive things about the world we live in. I also thought about how wonderful it must feel knowing you saved a life.

Later that day, I was near my parents house and suddenly remembered they have a fish at home. They are out of town so I went over there to feed the fish. There was absolutely no food in this little guy’s bowl and my parents weren’t due back for days. In a small way, I did save this little fish’s life. Okay I didn’t jump in front of a moving bus or lift a car off of a baby but, every life is precious right? ;)   …..except for mosquitos and that annoying moth that was bouncing around my room, and spiders……sorry

Happy Monday!




Signs Are Everywhere

Do you ever notice signs around you? Do you think they could mean something? Lately this old british propaganda (from the WWII era)sign keeps catching my eye. It says, “Keep calm and carry on”. I don’t know why I keep noticing it. I do realize that lately I have been stressed out and having a hard time focusing on my goals and future plans. I think there is a reason I keep noticing this sign.

The universe will send you messages when you need it. I am a firm believer in this. I remember back when I was debating whether I should be a writer I kept noticing the same bumper sticker on different cars. It read, “Well behaved women seldom make history”. It is an unusual bumper sticker to see, and yet I saw it three times in one week on various cars in front of me in traffic.

Signs and messages are all around you and come in many forms. The only problem is, if you are not open to them, you will miss them. Sometimes it could just be a stranger offering you advice out of the blue. It ends up being the exact thing you needed to hear. It is not a coincidence. I remember as I was seeing a patient one day, I was thinking about how difficult it was with my work schedule and other obigations to keep my house spotless. I never vocalized anything out loud. However, the patient, suddenly began talking about how hard it was to keep her house clean because she was too busy at work. Then she looked me in the eyes and said, no one can expect a busy working woman to be able to keep a spotless and perfect house. I just stared at her in shock. It was what I needed to hear.

On the last day of my trip to Spain last year I saw a sign for a real estate agent with the same first and last name as one of my patients. It was not a common name. I laughed because I remembered she was the first patient I was going to see when I got back into the office. It was my reminder that yes, my vacation was almost over and reality would soon set in.  

Don’t walk around in the world with your head down not noticing the signs around you. You never know what you may see or hear. It may be the exact message you needed to solve a problem, or encourage you to move forward. You just never know unless you open yourself up to the possibilities.

 Caroline :)


Is It Meant to Be??

Something strange is happening. I wrote a post yesterday on a certain topic and when I hit the ‘publish’ button, it completely disappeared. I decided it was fate. I wasn’t meant to write about the topic. I then wrote another post on a different topic which I posted yesterday and it went through perfectly fine.

Tonight I just wrote again the same thing that never published yesterday and the exact same thing happened again! It disappeared! Now I am writing this. I guess the universe did not want me to post what I was going to post. It wasn’t anything bad, trust me. I was simply trying to switch gears with my writing. Oh well. I guess that brings me to today’s topic: Do things happen for a reason? I think they do. Some people believe in it and some don’t. I’m not here to make you believe in anything. Just want to make you wonder a little bit about the world.

I once got hired to work with another dentist and I thought it was the perfect job for me. Two days before I was to start working there, the owner of the practice called to tell me that the person I was replacing decided she wanted to keep her job. I was upset and angry. Little did I know at the time that it was the best thing for me. I realized later that for many reasons I would have been miserable there. I would have also had to sign a contract basically signing my life away and keeping me from working anywhere near there for 5 years. In hindsight that misery was a blessing in disguise.

Think of all the times when something happened to you in your life and you thought at the time that it was the worst thing to happen, only to realize later that it happened for a reason.

If a relationship ended you probably felt miserable about it at the time but later you realized that you were better off without that person. That relationship ended for a reason. Maybe it was a toxic situation and you didn’t realize it. Perhaps it left room for you to meet the right person instead.

Whenever something in your life doesn’t work out, whatever it is, don’t worry yourself over it. When one thing doesn’t work out, a new and better opportunity forms in its place.

This can relate to the bigger things in life or even the little things like the post I tried to publish. Maybe I was better off writing about something else. Instead of getting angry and throwing my laptop, (I would never do that) I rolled with it and wrote something else. That is all any of us can do in life. Just go with the flow. If something doesn’t work out, it just means it was not supposed to.

Now let’s see if this posts…….was it meant to??? :)

Happy Leap Day!!