It is 9 days until the first day of Spring! Today I planted some Lavender in the front yard. Spring is almost here and it felt like planting something fresh and new was a good thing to do. Especially something I have never planted before. It got me thinking.

Spring is a time of renewal, when new things that have been resting under the soil finally get a chance to grow and blossom. Everything is fresh and new and it feels like the earth is starting over again. We can use this time for our own renewal too. People often do a Spring cleaning of their living space during this time. Why not also do a Spring cleaning of our lives?

Take an honest look at your life. What needs to be there and what doesn’t? Who needs to be there and who doesn’t? What have you always been planning to do but haven’t started yet? What do you do too much of that is not good for you? What do you do not enough of that is good for you? Only you can answer these questions.

Just like a Spring cleaning of your house where you clean out closets, remove dust and cobwebs and replace the old with the new, you can do the same with your life. What is cluttering up your life? Are there people that you spend time with that are toxic to you? What are you doing with your time that could be wasting it? What new opportunites can you move towards in order to renew your life? What new people can you meet and bring into your life that can be better for you to spend time with and match the new ‘you’? What changes need to be made in your life?

No one can answer any of these questions for you because you know who you are and what you need better than anyone else. You also know what needs to be removed from your life and what needs to change.

Nothing is ever meant to stay the same. Change comes and we must change with it. Just like the earth can renew each Spring, we can do the same. Out with the old and in with the new. Old habits and ways can leave to make room for a new life, and a new you.

Everyday is an opportunity to start over. You don’t have to wait for Spring or New Years Eve to do it. However, now that Spring is at our doorstep, why not use this time to reflect on your life and make the necessary changes. If you start now, imagine how much your life will change for the better by this time next year.


Happy Sunday!!!