The other day I was going through my basement cleaning out old papers when I found an old sketch book from my high school days. I had completely forgotten that I know how to do fashion sketches ( you know like the ones fashion designers do when they are planning their newest creations). I had a vague memory of┬átrying them but I didn’t recall if they were any good.

I remember that I used to make clothes but I have no memory of being able to draw. I always thought drawing was not my thing. There it was staring me in the face, outfits that I sketched and planned but never made. I’m the one that for years has always said I can’t draw to save my life..unless its stick figures. That may or not still be true, but apparently I can draw this type of stuff.

So late last night I decided to try it again. I took out a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and put it in front of me. I turned off any noise in my house so there would be no escape for me. I stared at the page and asked it what I should draw. It gave me know answer. Blank pages never talk to us. Once I started drawing I found that I could not stop until it was done. Before I knew it ideas were flowing out of my head faster than I could keep up with them. I looked at my final product and thought it was not bad for my first try after I don’t want to say how many years.

My point is that sometimes we know how to do things that we are not aware of. Sometimes we forget what we are capable of doing. You never know unless you try.

As for me, am I going to bring those sketches into real ensembles? Well, I do have a sewing machine that has been glaring at me and giving me eye rolls and side eyes for months. I can make the sewing machine happy again :)