“One day I will………” Do you often start sentences like this? Do you have plans that you keep making in your mind to start in the time frame of ‘one day’? Do you ever wonder what you are waiting for?

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that read ,”Don’t postpone joy”.  How true. When we put off the things we want to do, we are postponing our happiness.

I’ve done it many times. I have postponed plans, I have even put off wearing clothes that I love to wear. How silly is that? I have a pair of shoes that I keep in my closet and never wear simply because I love them so much. What? Exactly, it makes no sense. It is easy to get a pair of shoes out of the closet and wear them, it is also just as easy to start doing whatever you are putting off.

It is almost like we are telling ourselves, “It’s okay, I’ll be happy later”. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? If you are planning on being happy at a future date, then what are you doing now? Is mediocre okay for you now but extraordinary is the plan for the future? Guess what? None of us are guaranteed the future so why not be happy now?

Whatever plans you have or things you want to do, get started. Don’t wait for ‘some day’ or ‘one day’ or ‘as soon as this happens then I will’, to come to pass before you start your life.  Don’t ‘maybe later’ your life away.

As for me, I am going to pull those damn shoes from that high shelf and wear them tomorrow. ;)


Happy Thursday!!