The other day I was going through my basement cleaning out old papers when I found an old sketch book from my high school days. I had completely forgotten that I know how to do fashion sketches ( you know like the ones fashion designers do when they are planning their newest creations). I had a vague memory of trying them but I didn’t recall if they were any good.

I remember that I used to make clothes but I have no memory of being able to draw. I always thought drawing was not my thing. There it was staring me in the face, outfits that I sketched and planned but never made. I’m the one that for years has always said I can’t draw to save my life..unless its stick figures. That may or not still be true, but apparently I can draw this type of stuff.

So late last night I decided to try it again. I took out a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and put it in front of me. I turned off any noise in my house so there would be no escape for me. I stared at the page and asked it what I should draw. It gave me know answer. Blank pages never talk to us. Once I started drawing I found that I could not stop until it was done. Before I knew it ideas were flowing out of my head faster than I could keep up with them. I looked at my final product and thought it was not bad for my first try after I don’t want to say how many years.

My point is that sometimes we know how to do things that we are not aware of. Sometimes we forget what we are capable of doing. You never know unless you try.

As for me, am I going to bring those sketches into real ensembles? Well, I do have a sewing machine that has been glaring at me and giving me eye rolls and side eyes for months. I can make the sewing machine happy again :)





Do you ever have so many things go wrong that you actually get so used to it that when something goes right you are surprised? It really should be the other way around. We should go around expecting things to work out instead of the worst case scenario.

Many people like to dream up the worst outcome of every situation just so they can be prepared and act accordingly. This is no way to live.

On the news the other day they were interviewing people in the U.S. who had built bomb shelters under their homes to prepare for an emergency. Not if there was an emergency, but when. How sad that there are people out there that want to plan for a tragedy. If you plan for the worst, then the worst will come galloping your way in no time. Then you can proudly say, ‘see! I told you so! I knew it!’ Good for you. Now….what prize did you win?

Instead of thinking about the terrible outcome of a situation, why not be a little more positive and think of a good outcome. Don’t decide what to do when you fail that test. Plan for the celebration for when you pass. Don’t go into a new relationship or marriage thinking about what to do if it doesn’t work out or start mentally planning the possible divorce in your mind before the wedding has even happened. Give things a chance to succeed. Don’t go into a job interview expecting to be passed over for someone else, instead plan for what you are going to wear on your first day at work.

If you make up your mind that something is not going to work out or a negative outcome will result, then that is exactly what is going to happen. Make up your mind to see the glass as half full. There are enough ‘glass is half empty’ people out there and they are always looking for new recruits. Don’t join their ranks.

If you walk around expecting things to work out then you will find that they do. If something still doesn’t work out despite your positive attitude, recognize that it really was not meant to because something better is going to come for you. When it does come for you, try to be open to a successful outcome. Your entire life will change if you alter your thinking.




What Do You Mean You Can’t??

The other day I heard someone say, “oh we can’t do that! We are not good enough!” Whenever I hear someone say something like that, it really makes my blood boil. The phrase, “I can’t” followed by what that person believes they are incapable of, infuriates me. It makes me want to shake that person for saying such a thing about him or herself. They are setting themselves up for failure. If you honestly believe you can’t do something or you are not good enough, then that is who you will be, someone who is not good enough. You end up defining yourself as someone who is lacking and because of your definition, you will fail.

I think people use the phrase ‘I can’t’ as somewhat of a cop out. If they just dismiss themselves as someone who is incapable of doing whatever they are afraid of then they don’t have to bother trying. It’s a form of laziness. If you say you can’t learn how to do something or can’t be someone that you want to be, then you simply won’t be able to do it. You will only have yourself to blame.

Change your thinking. Stop the self defeating thoughts. If you decide that you can do something, then in the end you will succeed. If you throw away your negative thinking and replace it with a healthy attitude, then you will triumph.

I was raised to believe that I could do anything I wanted as long as I believed in myself and was willing to work at it. Everything I have ever achieved in my life has never ever come easy, but I succeeded because I never allowed the word ‘I can’t’ in my vocabulary. Just saying it seems unnatural to me and gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Train yourself to eliminate ‘I can’t’ from your language. Eventually it will make you cringe just to say it because by then it goes against everything you believe.

Next time you have the urge to say ‘I can’t', stop yourself and replace it with, ‘I can and I will”. Just shifting your thinking will change your life dramatically.

Happy Saturday!




All Dressed Up At the Pity Party



I walked into work today exhausted and in a bad mood. I know that’s no way to start the day. I ended up attracting negative things to myself just because of my mood.

 I got a piece of mail I wasn’t happy about. My windshield wipers stopped working. I literally got chased down the street by not 1, not 2, but 3 different people trying to get me to go with whatever political cause they were selling (they ignored every other person around me and went straight for me, and that was within one city block). I got cut off by inattentive drivers (that’s a nice way of putting it). A deer ran in front of my car in broad daylight. A patient I never met before yelled at me because he got lost looking for the office (somehow it became my fault). Even the place that always gives me free hot chocolate charged me today (ok, they really should charge me anyways) ..I could go on….but all of this happened to me simply because I wasn’t in the best mood.

That book, The Secret is absolutely right. Have you ever read it? It changed how I see everything. It basically says that everything in your life is there because you have attracted it to you. If you are feeling positive, then you will draw positive things to you. If you are feeling negative, then you will attract negative people and things to you.

Today ended up being a little experiment.  I switched my mood, by simply willing my bad mood to fly out the window. As soon as I did, I noticed my day got better and better. Things started to go my way. Everything became easier.

Whenever you catch yourself in a bad mood -we all get them so don’t punish yourself- just turn it off like a switch. You can actually will it away. Its easier than you think. You will be doing yourself a huge favor.

People who approach you will be nicer. The negative people will be more likely to stay away from you or if they don’t , they will uncharacteristically be in a good mood. You will get the parking space you want, you will catch that elevator before the doors close, you will catch that train, bus, cab just in time. Your day will flow like a stream when your mind is in a good place.

People who truly believe that everything in the world is corrupt and all people are bad (and we have all met people like this) only feel this way because their negative attitude draws negative situations to them. If a person believes that all people are liars and cannot be trusted then every single dishonest person will want to be their friend. They are attracting the very people they don’t want to be around. By the same token if another person believes that others are generally good and true. Then they generally will attract honest and trustworthy people into their lives.

If someone tries to tell you that people are not to be trusted and the world is entirely evil, don’t listen. They bought into the lie. You don’t have to. Don’t spend time with people that bring you down like that. Misery really does love company. Don’t join their pity party. They have enough people there.

As for me, my little experiment is not one that I want to try again. As for my completely worn down windshield wipers, I have to replace them so I don’t hear that horrible screeching sound of plastic hitting the glass and clearing no water away whatsoever….in the meantime I will pray for no rain please…no rain!…thanks..;)