How did 2013 treat you?  

  • I look back on 2013 and first judged it to be a tough year. Then I realized I was too harsh on 2013. It was actually a great year. Great because it was necessary to take me to the next step.


  • Some years may seem harder than others because they are what I like to call “The Set-Up” year.


  • The Set-Up Year moves around the puzzle pieces in your life to prepare you and make room for the changes that will come later.


  • This disruption is never easy, but it’s necessary to get you to the next phase of your life.


  • It can make it seem like you were having a hard year, but it was just a intense year with lots of changes that you needed to go through.


  • Remember, not every year is going to be a “woo hoo” year. It won’t always feel like roses and sunshine.


  • Sometimes it’s a year of organization and change that will get you to the next years of your life when you will reap the benefits of last year’s hard work.

(Remember, changing your life is always brave.)

  • Your courage to make changes in your life doesn’t go unnoticed by the universe. It jiggles loose all the rewards that your dedication and faith brings.

Have faith, be happy and happy new year!