Yes, because life should be a bowl of chocolate covered cherries. I have no problem with that ;)

Today I drove past an old diner that my friends and I used to frequent when we were in high school. It was half bulldozed and mostly in rubble. It was jarring to see it like that. They had closed it months ago and built a new one down the street, but they finally demolished it today. It was an old high school hangout.

What surprised me was that seeing the old place this way made me sad. I hadn’t been there in forever but to me it was a symbol of my childhood. It made me realize that as I start a new chapter in my life, it is key to leave the old things in life behind. Things change, people change and life moves forward. Nothing stays the same.

I know that many of us have a hard time dealing with change in our lives. You have to let it happen and give in to it. If you struggle against it, then your life will be a constant uphill battle.

Just my thoughts for tonight :)