Too Much Information?

I think sometimes people just need someone to talk to. I encountered a person today who unloaded too much information on me. They really don’t know me well at all. However, they felt the need to tell me everything about themselves plus the kitchen sink. At first I became thoroughly annoyed that this person was giving me details about their life that I really did not want to know. Then I realized that this person probably had no one else to confide in. They were probably like a cup of water that was just too full and needed to unload some of what they were holding on to. I guess we all need to do that once in a while just to be able to function.

It is definitely not healthy to hold on to things. We have to get rid of whatever feelings that are weighing us down. It will not do us any good to hold on to negative emotions. Holding the burdens we have inside of us and not sharing them with others will only harm us both emotionally and physically.

My advice, if you have things in your life that are pressing on you and you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t carry it on your own. You don’t have to. Share your thoughts and feelings with others. There is nothing wrong with venting. It does not make you a complainer. There is a difference between venting and being a chronic complainer. You can unload your worries on another person you trust. It will lighten your load a bit just taking the words out of your head and into the world. You never know what advice that person may offer. Even if they don’t give you advice, it will still make you feel lighter having shared your troubles with another.

What is important to remember is that once you have shared your worries, let them go. Don’t harp on them. It can lead to a slippery slope where you are constantly telling everyone what is wrong in your life and complaining about everything. Focus on what is good in your life. Then realize that whatever is not going right, eventually will. It takes a positive attitude to get you there.




Little Paper Umbrellas

The above picture was taken this morning from my plane. It’s the space shuttle on hitching a ride on a plane. I missed it when it flew over D.C. earlier this week but today I got my chance to see it.

Today I flew to Miami. As I type this I sit on a balcony watching the boats and the world go by. Right now in this moment I am perfectly at peace. The day did not start out this way for me at all.

My day began at 4:00 am. I had an early morning pickup to the airport. The shuttle company that I normally use has always been on time. Always. Today they came an hour late to pick me up for the airport. You know that feeling you get when you think you are going to miss your flight to a perfect destination and you know it is someone else’s fault? That is the feeling that was gripping me this morning. My fruitless efforts to call the company were no help. They kept telling me the driver was on his way and even told me the driver’s name. I did not need to know the driver’s name. I was not planning on starting a friendship with him. I only needed him there for me when he was supposed to be.

I went outside in the dark morning air and found the neighborhood still asleep. I wondered where the driver could be? The dispatcher told me that he had another reservation that matched mine. That is a fancy way of saying they double booked him. Suddenly I saw the van driving into my neighborhood and past my court. He was lost in my tiny neighborhood. I realized I had to chase after the van. As I ran after him waving my hands trying to get his attention, I promised myself that from now on I would drive. At least I know I can count on me.

When I got to the airport the man adding insult to injury decided to drive up the set price for no reason. He may have thought I was born yesterday, or just fell off of the turnip truck. Wise to his game, I called the shuttle company and told them what he was doing. They told me to pay only the set price. I paid him, and tipped him and left him standing there not happy with the fact he couldn’t pull the wool over my eyes.

I walked into the airport aggravated, and tense after the events of the morning. I heard a voice in my head say, “decide not to be upset”. It is true. Whatever emotions we feel, we have decided to feel them. I could easily undo my mood by changing it.

I reminded myself that I was going on a much needed weekend away and to smile. I didn’t want to smile, but I did it anyways. If you force yourself to smile, your emotions will soon catch up to your face. If life throws an unpleasant situation at you, handle it the best way you can, then move on. Don’t harp on the event for the rest of your day. You will ruin a perfectly good day because of something that has already happened and is over with.

It was a smooth morning, easy flight, and friendly people. I sat on the plane in the 12th row and a man asked me if I would switch seats with him in the 13th row. I laughed as I remembered my previous post about the number 13 and other superstitions. I sat the rest of the flight in lucky 13 and got a great view of the space shuttle sitting on the runway.

Being angry, irritable, upset or any other negative emotion is a choice. You can instead choose to be in a better mood. You will have a better day, and will be a pleasant person to be around.

Now I will get back to my drink with the umbrella in it :)

I really think we should all invest more in little paper umbrellas. If you are not a drinker, you can still put it in your water or juice or soda if you want. Life is too short not to put an umbrella in our drink once in a while. Jazz it up a little :)

Happy Friday!!!!



Today and everyday of your life is an important day. Many of us believe that some days are important and others are just ‘filler’ days that will take us to the next ‘important’ day. Give each day a chance, because every single one is a gift. Take the time to appreciate each day you are given. Don’t waste your energy on negative people, toxic situations and don’t worry your life away. Whatever is going on, worrying about it will not help the situation, it will only make it worse.

Just enjoy your life as much as you can. No matter what is going on, try to make yourself laugh or smile. It is easy to smile when things are going well but it’s a challenge to do it when things aren’t. That is when it is the most important time to do it. It will make you stronger.

We usually get in the habit of treating many of our days as just another day. There is no such thing as just another day. Don’t bring yourself down because it’s Monday and walk around telling people you “have a case of the Mondays” (I’ve been guilty of that too). Ok, it’s Monday, so what? Tomorrow is Tuesday and the next day is Wednesday. Which day will you allow yourself to feel happy? Each day that you are alive and another chance for you to turn that ‘blah’ feeling into a good one and make a difference with your life.

If you think of life as a journey and a chance to feel happy everyday, then you won’t want to waste your time feeling sorry for yourself or let the little things get you down.

The next time you get the urge to have the case of the Mondays or the Wednesday blues or feel down because your workload is too high, traffic is congested, or the dog ate your homework, shake it off. Feel whatever you are feeling then let it go. Move on from it. Don’t harp on it and tell everyone about it. It will only make you feel worse.

It is so incredibly easy to feel down when things get tough. Instead make yourself realize that this day is really a gift. A lot of people don’t have the opportunities you have and would absolutely love to have your problems. If that doesn’t help you, then keep in mind that there are no guarantees in life on the time that we have, so why not enjoy the ride? It will make you a happier and stronger person.

Happy Friday…. or whatever day of the week it is! (does it matter?)