Writing is a crazy, bumpy road where you’re not sure where it’s going to take you, but you enjoy the ride anyway.

  • Sometimes I think the writer’s lot in life is a tough one. What we do is often misunderstood. Too many times people ask me, “So when are you going to hurry up and finish your book so I can read it!” Or my personal favorite, “What’s taking so long?” And “So you started your book last week? When is it going to be in book form? Next month?“


  • Unless you’re a writer or in the business of writing and publishing you won’t understand that writing is a process. The road to publishing can be lengthy.


  • You can write a book that can take you years to finish and another manuscript, which can take you only a few months to complete.


  • Your manuscript becomes a baby you gave birth to, nurtured, fed, and spent many hours of your life creating. You ignored phone calls, hid in coffee shops, bookstores, libraries or in the corner of your house working diligently.


  • You had your crazy rituals you abided by in order to finish your precious manuscript. (I often liked to have Christmas lights on in my house when I wrote and my surroundings had to be spotless otherwise my mind would be too cluttered to write. I would also meditate before writing)


  • You fought back those tough days when the voice in the back of your head whispered lies that you’re not a writer and won’t amount to anything in this business.


  • You persevered and drank massive amounts of coffee and tea. Caffeine became your unlikely ally.
  • You miraculously found quiet time to write in your otherwise busy schedule. You had to find creative ways to “invent” time that didn’t exist in your life.


  • All of that effort comes down to one finished manuscript that’s edited, labored over, finalized and ready to publish.


  • Is all of that work worth it? Absolutely. Because there is nothing like that feeling of finishing something and putting it out in the universe for all to see. The result is both frightening and exhilarating at the same time and well worth it. You send your baby out into the wild and hope it doesn’t get eaten by lions, tigers or bears, and comes home to you in one piece.

As writers are we slightly out of our minds for spending so much time with one manuscript after another, and not knowing what will happen to it? Maybe, but that’s the fun part…..