Does your routine bore you? What can we do to make the routine, less routine?

I think that so many of us are so in need of entertainment and a reprieve from our daily rigamorale that we need to make our days more interesting. One solution is make it personal, and inject a little pizzazz into your day.

Today as I parked my car in the garage near work, I was greeted by the always friendly valets. They have a job that can be monotonous like most of our jobs can be. However they try to make it interesting by learning the names of every single person that parks their car there regularly. They even come up with nicknames for the cars they park on the regular. My car is named, “El Rojo” simply because it’s red. As soon as they see me coming for my car, they shout out, “El Rojo” to each other to signal the car must be pulled out from the bowels of the garage for me. When I drop the car off in the morning, they come up with a new way to put my name into a song and sing it loudly. It’s nice to be greeted in that silly way after sitting in traffic for an hour in the morning. It takes the edge off. They don’t just do this for me, they do it for everyone. They are not obligated to do this, but I bet it makes their days go by much better. It is a positive way to make the time go by.

I saw two little boys in the office today. Then, as I was seeing their mother, they waited patiently in the waiting room. Instead of fighting or being rambuctious as children often are in that boring waiting room. They chose to entertain themselves by serenading the waiting room with an entire host of songs. I listened to two children loudly singing in unison and surprisingly on-key from the waiting room and laughed to myself. Their mother said, this is how they passed their time when they were bored. I didn’t mind it. At least they weren’t fighting. It brought good energy into the office. Another positive way to make the time go by.

Most of us have daily routines of getting up, sitting in traffic, going to work, gym etc. If we don’t break it up with a little of the ‘weird’ and silly then it can get too monotonous. Life is not meant to be lived like a robot. You also have to make it personal. One example of this succeeding is when Starbucks decided to start asking people what their names were when taking their order. It’s much nicer to hear your name being called when your coffee is ready than just hearing the name of the drink that three other people ordered in the pick up area. It makes it more personal.

Sometimes when I see people going through the day just getting from moment to moment without enjoying anything, I try to break them out of it. Often, I have patients who sit in the chair expressionless and think that they are just on a conveyer belt waiting to be treated until I call “Next!” That’s not how it works with me. They are not a number. Each person is unique. I make it personal. I tell stories, and make jokes. I had a child sit in the chair today and when I greeted him, the first thing he said to me was, “Did you know that I am special?” Adorable. You can only get away with that if you are a child. If an adult said that to me, I definitely wouldn’t find that adorable, I promise you. He went on to tell me about all of his achievements in school and told me that education was the key to everything. He was a special kid, he was right.

It is easy to get caught up in the mundane and the everyday and forget what is important. Making connections with other people and life around you is key.

Whatever you do with your day, and your life, make it personal. Make it special. Be silly and be wierd. Smile at someone, say hello, make a joke. Anything is better than just going through each day like a robot without taking notice, and enjoying the moment.