• Today someone close to me told me that they don’t approve of who I am simply because I’m not married and don’t have children. I haven’t lived up to their expectations.
  •  My successes in life and all that I have achieved didn’t matter to this person. I generally value this person’s opinion but not when their opinion doesn’t match the voice in my heart.


  • Only we know what’s best for us. Only we know what’s in our heart. Only we can say what we can handle and what we can’t. Only we know what we want from this precious life we’ve been given. This is our life and we should live it doing what makes us happy.


  • I’m proud of my accomplishments in life.


  • I’ve worked hard all my life and have achieved all that I have. I have taken care of myself and have been an independent woman. I’ve worked hard to better myself and although I’m a work in progress as we all are–I like who I am.
  • If people don’t like you for who you are or don’t “approve” of you and wish you were a different person who liked different things and had different desires, then the problem is theirs not yours.


  • All you can do is be true to yourself. If you become someone else to please others and live a certain way to make others happy, then you have failed. Being honest with yourself is never a failure.

Remember that.