My 20 year high school reunion is coming up. The very thought makes me want to roll my eyes and not go.

Actually, I’ll do just that.

Reasons Why I’m Not Going

Reason #1 

Let’s be real here. The only people who really want to go to the 20 year reunion are the ones who peaked in high school. (either that or people with a morbid curiosity-but more on that later)

“I Don’t Trust Anybody Who Looks Back On The Years 14-18 With Any Enjoyment. If You Liked Being A Teenager, There’s Something Wrong With You.” -Stephen King

And he’s a genius.

For those who “peaked”, High School was the highlight of their existence. They are excited to go and relive their “glory days.”


Me? I didn’t peak in high school, college or dental school.


Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But really I marched to the beat of my own drum and I gravitated toward others that were just as weird as me.


I think I just started peaking now and hopefully will continue until old age.

I do understand going to the 10 year reunion just for the sake of going. (that’s what I did)

But the 15 year is just silly and the 20 year is even more ridiculous.


Reason #2

Everyone I care to know from high school I already kept in touch with over the years, and none of them are going.

I once ran into someone I knew from high school that I hadn’t seen in years and instead of telling me, “Hey, Caroline! How are things? Haven’t seen you in years!”

She instead she surveyed me with narrowed eyes from head to toe as I removed my 8 layers of clothing that cold winter’s day in the hair salon and said, “A tank top? In winter?”

“Hello to you too!”, I said to her.

That’s “Exhibit A” of why I don’t need to go to my 20 year reunion.

Is it my fault I’m allergic to all things wool and cashmere and have to resort to wearing multiple layers of cotton to keep warm? It’s okay I hate sweaters anyway.

(That is not a sexy look)

My distaste of sweaters alone was enough to propel me to Miami where I’ll live out the rest of my winters where I can live in a “tank top without judgment zone”.


Reason #3

Morbid curiosity caused my friends and I to go to the 10 year reunion.

I no longer have that curiosity about the 20 year.


The only good thing about it was the chocolate fountain.

Sadly, that’s… about… it.

Actually, if i can be guaranteed that there will be a chocolate fountain at this one too, then I’m booking a ticket….No I’m not.


Reason #4

The ones who peaked in high school still kept the same group of friends and actually married into that group and never met anyone else along the way.

At age 28, they were the same people. They didn’t grow or change.

They didn’t suddenly become friendlier or nicer or more mature.

The same groups of people at our school they judged and teased, they still did at age 28.

No sudden life changes or epiphanies for them. How sad.

The rest of us did. We mutated into something better than we were in high school.


We went off and tried new things, met new people and changed.

another genius…

None of us should be the same people we were in high school. Why should we?

Adolescence was a time in our lives when we were not fully formed yet, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We were only seedlings!

If you don’t agree, that’s okay.


Reason #5

The dreaded questions!!!

As for me, I’ll save my frequent flyer miles for a real vacation rather than a trip down non-existent memory lane where I relive 4 years of a time in my adolescence that I would rather forget and be bombarded with questions like:

“So what do you do? Where do you live? Kids? Husband? What’s your brand of peanut butter?”


But to be honest none of us should ever really “peak” anytime. We’re all works in progress. Maybe we’ll all eventually peak 2 seconds before we die at age 100 and then we have to start all over in the next life! ;)

Onward and upward!



The Path Less Traveled


Today I had an appointment with someone who used to be a middle school teacher and now runs her own salon.

She left her old career and traded it in for a new one.

She found her niche. She’s so good that people travel distances to see her just for eyebrow threading.

Is it hard to leave one career that’s not fulfilling you and find something that you not only are good at but also love? Not nearly as hard as you think.

You just have to decide that you’re going to do it and just do it.

Put the negative thinking aside and throw all the excuses away. Not only will you be happy you took that leap but you’ll be more successful.
Why? Because happiness in your career will draw money and success to you. You’ll be more successful than you ever imagined.

Imagine waking up each day to do exactly what you want to do. That life is yours if you want it bad enough.

All you have to do is take that first step.





We Are All Dreamers

I recently moved across the country and took a major step in changing my life. I left my old life behind and traded it in for a new one.

Along the way, I finished my first book and just published it. It’s called Wake Up and Start Dreaming.

I wrote it for every person out there who dreams of changing their life but doesn’t know where to start and feels like the obstacles are like a mountain blocking their path.

There is hope. Never let anyone or any situation make you believe that you don’t deserve to have the life you want or make you settle for what you have.

We all deserve to live our dreams. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

If you want to read my book you can find it here.





2013: The Year You Changed Your Life


How did 2013 treat you?  

  • I look back on 2013 and first judged it to be a tough year. Then I realized I was too harsh on 2013. It was actually a great year. Great because it was necessary to take me to the next step.


  • Some years may seem harder than others because they are what I like to call “The Set-Up” year.


  • The Set-Up Year moves around the puzzle pieces in your life to prepare you and make room for the changes that will come later.


  • This disruption is never easy, but it’s necessary to get you to the next phase of your life.


  • It can make it seem like you were having a hard year, but it was just a intense year with lots of changes that you needed to go through.


  • Remember, not every year is going to be a “woo hoo” year. It won’t always feel like roses and sunshine.


  • Sometimes it’s a year of organization and change that will get you to the next years of your life when you will reap the benefits of last year’s hard work.

(Remember, changing your life is always brave.)

  • Your courage to make changes in your life doesn’t go unnoticed by the universe. It jiggles loose all the rewards that your dedication and faith brings.

Have faith, be happy and happy new year!



Change Happens

Yes, because life should be a bowl of chocolate covered cherries. I have no problem with that ;)

Today I drove past an old diner that my friends and I used to frequent when we were in high school. It was half bulldozed and mostly in rubble. It was jarring to see it like that. They had closed it months ago and built a new one down the street, but they finally demolished it today. It was an old high school hangout.

What surprised me was that seeing the old place this way made me sad. I hadn’t been there in forever but to me it was a symbol of my childhood. It made me realize that as I start a new chapter in my life, it is key to leave the old things in life behind. Things change, people change and life moves forward. Nothing stays the same.

I know that many of us have a hard time dealing with change in our lives. You have to let it happen and give in to it. If you struggle against it, then your life will be a constant uphill battle.

Just my thoughts for tonight :)