Situation:  The moment your 11 year old nephew easily comes up with the perfect title for one of your books when you spent longer than you care to admit wracking your brain for one.

  • You should have seen the look on my face.
First I was….

Then, when I had some time to recover, I was…

  • It actually makes perfect sense that a child would have an amazing imagination.
  • This illustrates my point that children often have a better perspective than we do and their imagination is untainted with the worries and cares that often plague adults.


  • The point is that they can tap into their creativity with more ease than most adults.
  • My advice? Next time you have a creative dilemma, go ask a kid. They have an insight most adults have to fight for.


  • Actually any time you have any type of dilemma, it doesn’t hurt to ask a kid. You never know what crazy, yet wise thing they will have to say.
  • We often have too much brain clutter where our¬†worries and responsibilities take up too much space in our minds and they leave very little room for our imagination to develop or be heard. It makes it harder to tap into our imagination.
  • Most kids don’t have that problem.
  • Oh and I’m crediting my nephew in the book :)