When life tells you to take a walk, do it.

The other day I took a long walk on a trail that I wasn’t familiar with and learned some things along the way.

The path I was taking by myself reminded me of the path we all take when we journey towards our dreams.

Sometimes the road ahead is clear and straight.

Other times, you don’t know what’s around the next bend.

You have to keep walking and see where a trail leads even though you are tired and don’t know what’s around the corner.

Even though you’re nervous and don’t know what’s coming, you still have to keep moving.
You never know what you will find. You may find exactly what your are looking for.

You never know until you take the leap and try.

Sometimes along the path you will find bumps


Other times you will find beauty.


Then there may be a few bridges you are afraid to walk over because you’re afraid of heights and the dangers that lie below.


But do it anyway. You will feel better once you get to the other side and look back at that bridge and realize it was easier to traverse than you thought.

You may even find unexpected friends along the way.

It’s about the path more than the destination.

The path is where you grow and where you learn about yourself and what you can really do and what you truly want from your life.

The destination is not the prize, it’s the journey that got you there.

Never give up on yourself. Your are your most prized possession.