Turn Your Dream Into Your Day Job



Finding time to myself separate from my “day job” is becoming a challenge.

I feel like I have to be a thief in the night. I have to invent time or steal time from other areas of my life in order to have time to write.


I woke up an hour earlier this morning just so I can have this time to myself.


I think that my day job has taken over too much of my life. No one should be working 8-5 pm, 5 days a week. It’s inhuman. Everyone needs a day off to themselves.


I woke up this morning at my “new time” and instead of hitting the snooze button like I normally do when I have to wake up for work.

I shot out of bed immediately and headed for my laptop without a second to waste.


I knew this time to myself to write was precious and I didn’t want to waste a second of it.

By the way, that’s how you know you’ve found your passion.

When you’re willing to get up earlier or stay up earlier or find time you never knew existed in your day to devote to your “hobby”. When you put more passion into your “hobby” than your “day job.” When you decide to steal time from other areas of your life to give to this “hobby.”

Soon you realize your so-called “hobby” is really your dream.

What you’ve been incorrectly calling a “hobby” is what drives you and what you should really be doing from 8-5 pm instead of what you’re already doing.

Your 8-5 pm should be your passion, not what makes you hit the snooze button a hundred times until you absolutely have to stop hitting that button or you’ll be monumentally late for work.

Every day for my day job I walk in exactly on the nose what time I’m supposed to be there. Not one minute earlier and some days a few minutes later.


I’m never late for the laptop. I’m never late for what I really want to do.

Sadly, I’m in no hurry to show up for a job where I have to clean out a cavity, do a crown or deal with Mrs. So and So’s toothache and attitude problem.

I’m in a big hurry to show up to write that next chapter however. I’m always too tired to see that next patient but come home and have sudden new found energy to write.

That’s very telling.

What are you in a hurry to do? What are you never late for? What makes you get up at the crack of dawn to steal away to do? Why isn’t that your 8-5pm? How can you make it your 8-5?

Start by changing your language. Stop calling your dream a hobby. It’s not a hobby.

Make your apologies to yourself for having called your passion a mere diversion, hobby or distraction. Give your “hobby” the title it deserves. It’s your passion, your dream and the reason you’re here.


My dream makes me feel like myself. The inhuman drudgery of my day job takes my humanity, but my passion makes me feel human again.

Your dream will replenish and put back what your day job takes away.

The goal is to make your dream your day job. The secret is, it won’t feel like work no matter how many hours you devote to your dream.
As for me, I’m working on making that a reality.


Happy Dreaming!


Author of Wake Up And Start Dreaming


Stop Calling Your Dream A Hobby


Not everyone in your life will support your dreams or be sensitive to them.

Don’t expect everyone to be supportive or even care about your dreams. It’s not about them. It’s about you.


A friend of mine recently called my dream of writing just a hobby. It took a lot of energy for me to hold in my anger.


Remember this:


A person’s dream in life is like their baby. They love and treasure it. When someone calls it a mere hobby we fight the urge to throw our drink in their face.


Keep your drink in hand and don’t waste it by flinging it in the face of this insensitive ignoramus.

Don’t worry about what that person said.

As long as you don’t call your dream a hobby then you’ll be fine.









Your true calling, passion and dream in life should never be treated as a hobby. If you’re serious about making it happen then don’t call it a hobby. Make it a part of who you are.

People will make comments about your life. Let them. Don’t let what they say change how you see yourself or your dreams. Just keep moving.

Keep dreaming!!




Queen of Procrastination

  • March snow is always interesting. I remember the March blizzard of 1993. I had an exam due in high school. I studied hard for it and I was less than thrilled about the snow. Not taking the exam meant I had to keep studying for it to keep the information fresh in my mind.


  • We were out for almost a week of school. By the time I took the exam I could’ve taught a course on the material.


  • That’s what this storm reminds me of. Studying over and over again for a subject I can’t even remember right now.


  • Today I realized my apartment is a grand source of distraction. Every time I sat down to write, the demons of procrastination would beckon me to the refrigerator, laundry, TV, internet or just tell me to stare out the window for no reason at all.


  • That’s when I moved the whole operation downstairs in my apartment building in front of the fire where college kids are studying for exams, adults are reading, and one guy was signing his life away to buy a house.


  • The downstairs noise involved a cacophony of college student page turning, the business as usual sounds of the teleworking government employees, the random 4-year-old singing “It’s a Small World” (don’t ask), neighbors greeting each other over coffee and complaining about their kids, and the home buyer arguing the terms of the contract and loudly announcing things such as, “I’m not signing this part if it’s going to make your life easier. I’ll only sign if it’ll make my life easier. This is about me!” All of this still was not enough to throw off my concentration.


  • The noise was all child’s play compared to the loud clamor in my head that usually keeps me running toward the TV, fridge and whatever chore in my apartment.


  • I’m grateful that I have a place to escape to when I need to run from my own dawdling.


  • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We all need a place where we can escape our distractions and the voice in our head that gets us to be lazy and watch the movie, “Notting Hill“ for the millionth time even though we already know that (spoiler alert) Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant will get married in the end. Sorry, did I ruin it?  I did say “spoiler alert” and it’s been 15 years–you should’ve seen it by now…and the movie Chernobyl Diaries is about a group of people whose concept of vacation is highly skewed. They for some insane reason actually pay a tour guide to drive them to a radioactive site where people once ran away from, then the mutants come out and they all die at the end. Oh, and at the end of Titanic, the boat sinks, and an incredibly selfish girl doesn’t share a life raft with her so-called true love. Then he dies. There, I saw these movies for you. Now you can go live your life.


  • If you have a dream. Work on meeting your goals. Be productive and try not to procrastinate =)




  • When you are desperately trying to reach a goal, the best thing to do is to think of your journey as a series of steps you have to take


  • Baby steps
  • Until you reach the top
  • If you sit and worry over how you will ever get to the top of that mountain and how long it will take you to get there, you are only going to waste your time worrying and it will get you no closer to where you want to be.
  • Today I went to a mountainside with a friend and we came upon the series of steps you see above.
  • We had already been walking and climbing for quite a while in the 85 degree autumn heat and survived the stink bug infestation that had me screaming every 10 seconds as they buzzed about in our hair and stuck to our clothes with a tenacity I’ve never seen before.
  • The thought of walking up those last set of steps seemed daunting, but we were almost to the top and we couldn’t give up when we were so close.
  • It reminded me of how we often travel a long way to reach our dreams but in that last stretch the path seems to get steepest and we are the most likely to give up and turn back.
  • That is the time when we need to keep our persistence and keep moving.
  • That is also the time when we need to break the journey down into little steps.
  • If you look at the huge staircase you have to climb as just a series of baby steps, it will make it less intimidating.
  • When you get tired, stressed, or want to quit, just take the next step and the next one after.
  • Keep moving and before you know it, you will reach your goals.
  • The road ahead is unknown. We never know what will be around the corner.
  • But it is important to keep moving and to of course have a little fun along the way.
(That is the biggest snickers pie I have ever ordered)
And seriously, what was the story with the stink bugs? I have never seen so many concentrated in one area. It was like walking into a wall of stink bugs wherever we went. The cars were covered with them. It was like every car had been painted in the sought after stink bug shade. I’ve never had to dive into a car head first to keep the 20 million stink bugs from following me inside.
I can still hear the buzzing ;)

  • Our bad habits can be barriers to our dreams.
  • For some it’s procrastination: the art of putting things off. Some of us have mastered this until it is a true work of art. Lose it. It is not a beautiful painting,
  • For some of us, it’s constantly ignoring our inner voice. It’s a bad habit. A good habit is listening to your heart and doing what it tells you to do.
  • For some of us, it’s letting ourselves get distracted and falling off course. We live in a loud and busy world. We have to try harder to minimize the distractions.
  • Whatever habit or habits you have that are blocking your progress towards your dreams, make it a priority to try hard everyday to get past them.
  • Your dreams are worth the trouble.
As for me, it’s a daily task for me to push past my procrastination, insecurities, excuses, and distractions to get myself to move forward a little each day. Hey, if I can do it, you can do it.

How To Stay On Track With Your Dreams

 There are few little tricks that can help keep you  on track with your goals
  • When I first decided to change my life I used every avenue I could get my hands on to get into my own head to figure out what I wanted and how to get it.
  • As a writer and an avid reader, I turned to books to help inspire me to keep moving forward.
Here are some books  that helped me dig deep into my head and gave me the inspiration that I needed. Hopefully they can help you too:
1) The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron:
  • One of my patients gave this to me. It’s a great book to get you thinking about who you really are, and what you want from your life.
  • Don’t let the title mislead you. It’s not just for artists, it is for everyone.
  • It has weekly exercises in it that will get you to realize things about yourself you never knew.
2) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne:
  • Power of positive thinking and visualization. It really does work.
  • The universe really wanted me to get this book.  This book kept coming up in conversations around me and that still didn’t get me to buy it. It was when it fell off a bookshelf at Barnes and Noble as I walked by, then picked it up and put it back only to have it slip and fall off the shelf two more times that I finally saw it as a sign I needed to get it. Either that or Barnes and Noble had oiled all the shelves that day making them slippery….
3) The Power by Rhonda Byrne:
  • A continuation of the first and worth reading
4) Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette:
  • Gets you back in touch with your own gut instincts, which is something most of us ignore.
5) Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:
  • A classic that will never die
To name a few. These got me started :)
It’s very easy to lose your way so it’s important that you do everything in your power to stay on track. Believe me, in the end all of your hard work and perseverance will be worth it.

How to not resent your day job while you pursue your dreams
It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, work at the saw mill, or burger king. If you are actively pursuing a dream that has nothing to do with your day job you will begin to resent that job.
When we decide to go after that dream we either ignored or left behind, our daily job may still have to be a necessary part of our lives until our dream takes off.
So until that day comes how do you manage your feelings about the job you don’t love?
The Problem
You make the decision to be brave and change your life and pursue a dream. Then you realize with each passing day that although you still need your job, you begin to see it as nothing more than a time and energy suck. It becomes nothing more to you than an annoying daily drudgery that pulls you away from what you really want to do. 
The Solution
Change your view. Sounds easy in print but changing your view and keeping that view is going to be a daily task. It’s like flossing. (Oh that’s right, no one flosses.. Sorry that’s my day job trying to come through in this post ;) ) Here is what you can do: 
  •  Alter your perception and see your daily job as a temporary financial helper to get you to where you want to be.
  • Sometimes you have to tough it out in your day job for a while until your dream takes off and pays the bills.
  • Soon you will see your daily job as a stepping stone to where you want to be instead of a road block.
  • Remember, the more you view your job as an annoyance, the harder it will get to go everyday and the negative energy will hold you back from reaching your goals.
  • Set time aside every day to pursue your goals.
  • Get rid of unnecessary time and energy wasters in your life and use that time for your dream.
  • This change in time management will give you more time to do what you want to do and you will feel better about your life.
  • Days when I didn’t give myself time to write made me very cranky at my day job. Once I got rid of the time suckers from my life I was more calm at work because I knew I had more time to pursue my goals.
  • Keep reminding yourself that this situation is temporary. Your dream will come true and your day job can change if you want it to.
  • It is a blessing to have a “regular” job you go to and a dream you are working on. It is also a blessing to have the option to let that job go when your dream keeps you financially comfy and cozy. That day will come.
Until then be patient.