So my Yahoo! account decided it does not want me to send any more emails. It says I can get all the emails I want, but don’t even dream about trying to send one lady. According to Yahoo! my account is shady, suspicious and up to no good!!! ( I use exclamation points because Yahoo!!! likes to use them so much)

What did I do? The last email I successfully sent was to myself. I found a really delicious chicken recipe on and sent the link to my email addy. Did Yahoo! think I was being wierd emailing myself?

The recipe called for white wine. Which of course was the one thing I forgot to buy yesterday. Desperate, I found a bottle of Prosecco in my pantry. Hey it was white!! Let’s forget the bubbles. So as I popped a bottle of celebratory Prosecco for my chicken recipe and watched the cork fly across my kitchen and the spray of Prosecco get on my newly scrubbed floor, I wondered why I didn’t do this every day? Do we really need an occasion to pop a bottle of sparkly suds? I say we do not!!! Chicken is a good enough reason to celebrate!!

Anyways, back to my email saga, I am happy that I have a Gmail account to fall back on. At least Gmail loves me when Yahoo thinks I’m up to no good with a bag of mean tricks up my sleeve. How rude!!

I admit I watched an episode of a reality show where a girl obnoxiously stated that she would never date a man who didn’t have a Gmail account. I thought she was a bit too specific in her list of needs in a man.

Oh how we have changed since the 1800′s. Back then a potential suitor was about how much money he had and how many horse drawn carriages he owned. Now it’s about his email sending preferences. How does one bring that up in conversation on a date? You subtly ask the person if they have Gmail, and if they do not, do you just get up and leave the restaurant, movie, and/or other venue you are at with this person?

 I would love to be a fly on the wall at that date and see the confused look on the poor man’s face when he is trying to figure out what he said wrong. He will walk home crying and wishing he did not have Yahoo! He will cry out, “damn you Yahoo! and the horse you rode in on!!”…Seems a bit harsh to me.


The point is, everyday should be a celebration. Why not?

A new fan of Gmail,