Sometimes you have to let go of your past to allow your future to come in.

When we hold on to things from our past, they take up so much room in our lives that nothing new can come in and take root.


Certain new situations do show up but they fail to stay because we haven’t let go of our old life.

You can’t spend your life straddling your past and your present.

It’s like standing on the water with two small boats with one leg in each boat.


You can stand on both boats for a brief moment without falling over but sooner or later you’ll have to pick one before you fall off and get knocked into the water.


You can’t have both.

Sometimes we hold on to grudges, old relationships and friendships that no longer suit us or fit into our lives.

Other times we hold back forgiveness from others who have hurt us.

Sometimes the forgiveness we’ve held back has been from ourselves. We haven’t forgiven ourselves for the mistakes of the past.

Anytime you’re unwilling to let go of something that‘s harmful to you from the past, it’s going to keep you from your destiny and any good that wants to enter your life.

It’s not easy to move forward with a new life and also let go of the past.

Sometimes we start a new life but fail to really let go of the first one.

We think we did, but we didn’t.

All along, we’ve been holding on to things that have already let go of us.

You start a new life and go after your dreams but there’s an imaginary string pulling you back like a tether to your old life.


You try to keep moving forward but that old life keeps you in place and haunts you at every turn.
What do you do?

Begin by acknowledging what or who it is you need to let go of. That’s the first step.

Next you have to say goodbye to the negative things or people in the past who have harmed you in some way.

Forgive where you haven’t forgiven, and let go where you haven’t cut that string.


Letting go of our past doesn’t happen all at once. You may discover that the “string” is really a thick rope that takes time to cut through.


There are layers present that you have to slice through bit by bit until you’re truly free from your past.

It can take time and it’s a process. But you still have to do it.


As for me, I’m still a work in progress.

We all are.

But I see that light at the end of the tunnel shining through and I’m going to follow it


Caroline Rezvani


Author Wake Up and Start Dreaming