How To Cut Your Ties To Your Past


Sometimes you have to let go of your past to allow your future to come in.

When we hold on to things from our past, they take up so much room in our lives that nothing new can come in and take root.


Certain new situations do show up but they fail to stay because we haven’t let go of our old life.

You can’t spend your life straddling your past and your present.

It’s like standing on the water with two small boats with one leg in each boat.


You can stand on both boats for a brief moment without falling over but sooner or later you’ll have to pick one before you fall off and get knocked into the water.


You can’t have both.

Sometimes we hold on to grudges, old relationships and friendships that no longer suit us or fit into our lives.

Other times we hold back forgiveness from others who have hurt us.

Sometimes the forgiveness we’ve held back has been from ourselves. We haven’t forgiven ourselves for the mistakes of the past.

Anytime you’re unwilling to let go of something that‘s harmful to you from the past, it’s going to keep you from your destiny and any good that wants to enter your life.

It’s not easy to move forward with a new life and also let go of the past.

Sometimes we start a new life but fail to really let go of the first one.

We think we did, but we didn’t.

All along, we’ve been holding on to things that have already let go of us.

You start a new life and go after your dreams but there’s an imaginary string pulling you back like a tether to your old life.


You try to keep moving forward but that old life keeps you in place and haunts you at every turn.
What do you do?

Begin by acknowledging what or who it is you need to let go of. That’s the first step.

Next you have to say goodbye to the negative things or people in the past who have harmed you in some way.

Forgive where you haven’t forgiven, and let go where you haven’t cut that string.


Letting go of our past doesn’t happen all at once. You may discover that the “string” is really a thick rope that takes time to cut through.


There are layers present that you have to slice through bit by bit until you’re truly free from your past.

It can take time and it’s a process. But you still have to do it.


As for me, I’m still a work in progress.

We all are.

But I see that light at the end of the tunnel shining through and I’m going to follow it


Caroline Rezvani


Author Wake Up and Start Dreaming


Turn Your Dream Into Your Day Job



Finding time to myself separate from my “day job” is becoming a challenge.

I feel like I have to be a thief in the night. I have to invent time or steal time from other areas of my life in order to have time to write.


I woke up an hour earlier this morning just so I can have this time to myself.


I think that my day job has taken over too much of my life. No one should be working 8-5 pm, 5 days a week. It’s inhuman. Everyone needs a day off to themselves.


I woke up this morning at my “new time” and instead of hitting the snooze button like I normally do when I have to wake up for work.

I shot out of bed immediately and headed for my laptop without a second to waste.


I knew this time to myself to write was precious and I didn’t want to waste a second of it.

By the way, that’s how you know you’ve found your passion.

When you’re willing to get up earlier or stay up earlier or find time you never knew existed in your day to devote to your “hobby”. When you put more passion into your “hobby” than your “day job.” When you decide to steal time from other areas of your life to give to this “hobby.”

Soon you realize your so-called “hobby” is really your dream.

What you’ve been incorrectly calling a “hobby” is what drives you and what you should really be doing from 8-5 pm instead of what you’re already doing.

Your 8-5 pm should be your passion, not what makes you hit the snooze button a hundred times until you absolutely have to stop hitting that button or you’ll be monumentally late for work.

Every day for my day job I walk in exactly on the nose what time I’m supposed to be there. Not one minute earlier and some days a few minutes later.


I’m never late for the laptop. I’m never late for what I really want to do.

Sadly, I’m in no hurry to show up for a job where I have to clean out a cavity, do a crown or deal with Mrs. So and So’s toothache and attitude problem.

I’m in a big hurry to show up to write that next chapter however. I’m always too tired to see that next patient but come home and have sudden new found energy to write.

That’s very telling.

What are you in a hurry to do? What are you never late for? What makes you get up at the crack of dawn to steal away to do? Why isn’t that your 8-5pm? How can you make it your 8-5?

Start by changing your language. Stop calling your dream a hobby. It’s not a hobby.

Make your apologies to yourself for having called your passion a mere diversion, hobby or distraction. Give your “hobby” the title it deserves. It’s your passion, your dream and the reason you’re here.


My dream makes me feel like myself. The inhuman drudgery of my day job takes my humanity, but my passion makes me feel human again.

Your dream will replenish and put back what your day job takes away.

The goal is to make your dream your day job. The secret is, it won’t feel like work no matter how many hours you devote to your dream.
As for me, I’m working on making that a reality.


Happy Dreaming!


Author of Wake Up And Start Dreaming


Stop Calling Your Dream A Hobby


Not everyone in your life will support your dreams or be sensitive to them.

Don’t expect everyone to be supportive or even care about your dreams. It’s not about them. It’s about you.


A friend of mine recently called my dream of writing just a hobby. It took a lot of energy for me to hold in my anger.


Remember this:


A person’s dream in life is like their baby. They love and treasure it. When someone calls it a mere hobby we fight the urge to throw our drink in their face.


Keep your drink in hand and don’t waste it by flinging it in the face of this insensitive ignoramus.

Don’t worry about what that person said.

As long as you don’t call your dream a hobby then you’ll be fine.









Your true calling, passion and dream in life should never be treated as a hobby. If you’re serious about making it happen then don’t call it a hobby. Make it a part of who you are.

People will make comments about your life. Let them. Don’t let what they say change how you see yourself or your dreams. Just keep moving.

Keep dreaming!!




The Path Less Traveled


Today I had an appointment with someone who used to be a middle school teacher and now runs her own salon.

She left her old career and traded it in for a new one.

She found her niche. She’s so good that people travel distances to see her just for eyebrow threading.

Is it hard to leave one career that’s not fulfilling you and find something that you not only are good at but also love? Not nearly as hard as you think.

You just have to decide that you’re going to do it and just do it.

Put the negative thinking aside and throw all the excuses away. Not only will you be happy you took that leap but you’ll be more successful.
Why? Because happiness in your career will draw money and success to you. You’ll be more successful than you ever imagined.

Imagine waking up each day to do exactly what you want to do. That life is yours if you want it bad enough.

All you have to do is take that first step.





6 Ways to Beat Procrastination

We all procrastinate. We’re not perfect. But if your procrastination gets so bad that it holds you back from accomplishing your dreams, this is when you have to take control and put a stop to it.

Here are some tricks:

1) Remove all distractions from your sight. Whatever your biggest distractions are, get away from them if only for a short while everyday. Distractions can be habits like roaming around on the internet for hours or can be toxic people in your life who hold you back.


2) Set your goals.  What goals are you working toward? Where do you want to be in one year? Or better yet, in five years? Write down your 5 year plan and put it in a spot where you’ll see it everyday. Let that be your daily reminder of what you want to do with your life.


3) Think about the last day of your life. Not to be morbid but we are all going to die and you need to take advantage of the time you have. Time flies. If you’re not careful it will all pass you by. On your last day, what do you want to look back on as your accomplishments? What regrets do you not want to have that day?

4) Do at least one thing everyday that will move you toward your goals. One step at a time. One step is better than no step at all. For example, a person who writes one page a day, in one year will have written a 365 page book.

5) Surround yourself with successful people who are also chasing after their dreams. They will help motivate you. I believe who you choose to surround yourself with will ultimately determine the course of your life. Negative people who bring themselves down will drag you down with them. Choose to be with people who will uplift you and inspire you. Making that small, yet powerful change will dramatically shift your life direction.


6) Believe in yourself. Trust that no dream is too big for you and you’re meant to live the life you always dreamed of. That dream was placed in your heart for a reason. You’re supposed to make your dreams a reality.  You’re not meant to leave them in the dark and waste them away with procrastination.



We Are All Dreamers

I recently moved across the country and took a major step in changing my life. I left my old life behind and traded it in for a new one.

Along the way, I finished my first book and just published it. It’s called Wake Up and Start Dreaming.

I wrote it for every person out there who dreams of changing their life but doesn’t know where to start and feels like the obstacles are like a mountain blocking their path.

There is hope. Never let anyone or any situation make you believe that you don’t deserve to have the life you want or make you settle for what you have.

We all deserve to live our dreams. Otherwise, what are we doing here?

If you want to read my book you can find it here.





  • Today someone close to me told me that they don’t approve of who I am simply because I’m not married and don’t have children. I haven’t lived up to their expectations.
  •  My successes in life and all that I have achieved didn’t matter to this person. I generally value this person’s opinion but not when their opinion doesn’t match the voice in my heart.


  • Only we know what’s best for us. Only we know what’s in our heart. Only we can say what we can handle and what we can’t. Only we know what we want from this precious life we’ve been given. This is our life and we should live it doing what makes us happy.


  • I’m proud of my accomplishments in life.


  • I’ve worked hard all my life and have achieved all that I have. I have taken care of myself and have been an independent woman. I’ve worked hard to better myself and although I’m a work in progress as we all are–I like who I am.
  • If people don’t like you for who you are or don’t “approve” of you and wish you were a different person who liked different things and had different desires, then the problem is theirs not yours.


  • All you can do is be true to yourself. If you become someone else to please others and live a certain way to make others happy, then you have failed. Being honest with yourself is never a failure.

Remember that.



The Path We All Follow

When life tells you to take a walk, do it.

The other day I took a long walk on a trail that I wasn’t familiar with and learned some things along the way.

The path I was taking by myself reminded me of the path we all take when we journey towards our dreams.

Sometimes the road ahead is clear and straight.

Other times, you don’t know what’s around the next bend.

You have to keep walking and see where a trail leads even though you are tired and don’t know what’s around the corner.

Even though you’re nervous and don’t know what’s coming, you still have to keep moving.
You never know what you will find. You may find exactly what your are looking for.

You never know until you take the leap and try.

Sometimes along the path you will find bumps


Other times you will find beauty.


Then there may be a few bridges you are afraid to walk over because you’re afraid of heights and the dangers that lie below.


But do it anyway. You will feel better once you get to the other side and look back at that bridge and realize it was easier to traverse than you thought.

You may even find unexpected friends along the way.

It’s about the path more than the destination.

The path is where you grow and where you learn about yourself and what you can really do and what you truly want from your life.

The destination is not the prize, it’s the journey that got you there.

Never give up on yourself. Your are your most prized possession.



Queen of Procrastination

  • March snow is always interesting. I remember the March blizzard of 1993. I had an exam due in high school. I studied hard for it and I was less than thrilled about the snow. Not taking the exam meant I had to keep studying for it to keep the information fresh in my mind.


  • We were out for almost a week of school. By the time I took the exam I could’ve taught a course on the material.


  • That’s what this storm reminds me of. Studying over and over again for a subject I can’t even remember right now.


  • Today I realized my apartment is a grand source of distraction. Every time I sat down to write, the demons of procrastination would beckon me to the refrigerator, laundry, TV, internet or just tell me to stare out the window for no reason at all.


  • That’s when I moved the whole operation downstairs in my apartment building in front of the fire where college kids are studying for exams, adults are reading, and one guy was signing his life away to buy a house.


  • The downstairs noise involved a cacophony of college student page turning, the business as usual sounds of the teleworking government employees, the random 4-year-old singing “It’s a Small World” (don’t ask), neighbors greeting each other over coffee and complaining about their kids, and the home buyer arguing the terms of the contract and loudly announcing things such as, “I’m not signing this part if it’s going to make your life easier. I’ll only sign if it’ll make my life easier. This is about me!” All of this still was not enough to throw off my concentration.


  • The noise was all child’s play compared to the loud clamor in my head that usually keeps me running toward the TV, fridge and whatever chore in my apartment.


  • I’m grateful that I have a place to escape to when I need to run from my own dawdling.


  • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We all need a place where we can escape our distractions and the voice in our head that gets us to be lazy and watch the movie, “Notting Hill“ for the millionth time even though we already know that (spoiler alert) Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant will get married in the end. Sorry, did I ruin it?  I did say “spoiler alert” and it’s been 15 years–you should’ve seen it by now…and the movie Chernobyl Diaries is about a group of people whose concept of vacation is highly skewed. They for some insane reason actually pay a tour guide to drive them to a radioactive site where people once ran away from, then the mutants come out and they all die at the end. Oh, and at the end of Titanic, the boat sinks, and an incredibly selfish girl doesn’t share a life raft with her so-called true love. Then he dies. There, I saw these movies for you. Now you can go live your life.


  • If you have a dream. Work on meeting your goals. Be productive and try not to procrastinate =)



The Ticking Clock



  • Time is a gentle friend who whispers, “Tick tock tick tock” in your ear when you’re busy doing other things. You try to ignore it but you can’t.



  • Instead you have to face time head on. The need to become who you are meant to be is too great to ignore.


  • Life waits for no one. Time waits for no one.


  • Each passing day is reminder that you need to get moving.


  • If you are not where you need to be, then why not? What can you do to change it? When can you start?

Right now


  • Don’t let the ticking of the clock pass you by. Live your life now.