Are you the youngest child?

  • It’s the plight of the youngest child. We are under appreciated and constantly feel the need to prove ourselves to our families who are used to not taking us seriously.
  • We are also the dreamers. We are the ones who go after our dreams. We march to the beat of our own drum.
  • Most people in our family think our ideas are nuts and are often surprised when we become a success. Maybe it’s because they still see us as the baby, the 5 year old, the silly one.
  • We are inquisitive. We see life from a different angle. We are less likely to follow what everyone else is doing. We don’t want to conform.
  • Years of being compared to our older siblings led us to become our own unique version who is anything but boring. We strive to be different.
  • It is the youngest child’s lot in life to always want to stand out. To make our mark. Whether you are 10 or 35 or 82 you will always have the symptoms of the youngest child.
  • Is  it a blessing or a curse?
  • If you ask me, I’d say its a blessing. As a child I thought it was a curse. I hated being the youngest.  Sure I got away with more things than my sister did but I was never taken seriously, and none of my opinions counted. I was often just a voice that no one listened to. Most of my opinions were dismissed with an, “aww isn’t that cute, she has an opinion” or an, ” who taught you to think that way?”
  • Now I understand it has only made me who I am. I wouldn’t change that for the world. It gave me the drive to change things, chase after my dreams and become who I am meant to be.

So in conclusion, yes, it is good to be the youngest :)