Every Writers Challenge:

1) blank sheet of paper

2) empty computer screen

3) the pen that sits undisturbed

4) the keyboard that is collecting dust

5) self confidence

These are all hurdles a writer must jump over in order to begin the first words on the page. You stare at the blank sheet of paper or computer screen and it stares back  mocking you. This experience is not for the faint of heart. The good news is that once you learn to jump over these hurdles everyday, you will get better and stronger. The hurdles will eventually seem smaller until they are just merely ant hills.

This doesn’t apply to just writers. With any difficulty in your life, if you face it everyday, you naturally will get better at it. The difficult parts will be easier for you. It makes sense, the more you practice, the better you will get.

I remember in dental school, we were learning how to do a dental procedure for the first time (don’t worry it was on a mannequin not a real person). We were new at it and many of us were struggling with it. I remember a girl in my class asked a teacher, “Will it ever get any easier??” I will never forget his answer. He said, “no, but you will get better and faster”. That answer struck a chord with me, so much that I still remember it after all these years. It’s true, dentistry does not get any easier, but we do get better and quicker if we keep doing it.

If I Ignore It, Then It Will Go Away

If you ignore the difficulties in your life, you are only making them bigger. In a previous post on procrastination I mentioned that the hardest part of getting myself to write again was opening the box to my new laptop. The longer I ignored the unopened box in the corner, the harder it became to actually start. Ignoring what was staring me in the face everyday was only hurting me. It wasn’t until I went to the page everyday and wrote, that gradually my fears melted away and everything became easier.

If you have stayed away from something that you are afraid to face, it makes it even harder for you. In your mind that ant hill becomes a mountain. If you put your fears aside and go after what you want, you can turn the mountains back into ant hills.

We all have a hurdle or two to jump over. It could be the athlete who avoids the sport for too long and is afraid to jump back into it; The artist who has to face the blank canvas; the writer who meets the page each day; the person who decides to go back to school. It can apply to anyone.  The things that we want to do with our lives may be difficult at first but will get easier the more we do it. We just have to show up everyday.

Life is practice. We learn, grow and get better with time, but only if we keep practicing.

Happy almost Friday!!!