Today I saw a sign in front of a church that read, “Learn to laugh at yourself. You will never run out of things to laugh about”……words of wisdom….

If you take yourself too seriously you will become a bore. No one will want to hang out with you because you are boring and pitiful. Not a pretty picture. No one ever says, “Wow, you seem really dull!! Let’s hang out!!”

Instead learn to laugh at yourself and the wierd world we live in. Sometimes when someone is taking themselves too seriously and working themselves into a tizzy over it, I have to stop myself from laughing at them. Other times, I am that person who is taking myself too seriously and I need to snap myself out of it.  

Yesterday I had a patient in the dental chair and I was about to start the procedure. I reclined their chair back so I could start. Suddenly, the chair made a sound of a spring coming out of place. It made a loud, “Boinnng!” sound reminicent of those cartoons I watched as a kid right before something fell apart. I said, “That’s not a good sound”. My assistant and I looked at each other and started laughing. This was the last straw.

My dental chair is relatively new, yet has a million problems. It’s leaking hydraulic fluid…yes, actual hydraulic fluid (according to the repair guy), things are falling off of it, sometimes the water works, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the chair’s mood that day.

It reminds me of the first car I ever drove. An old chrysler fifth avenue my dad gave me when I was 16. He gave me the car that looked like a boat to protect me from bodily harm should I hit anything. I could dock that boat anywhere with keen precision. It was amazing. The only thing that worked well on it was the AC. The AC was magnificent.

However, the car did a 180 if you braked too hard, the engine was always flooded, it would stall as soon as I would pull into traffic, and I spent more time walking than driving because it was always leaving me stranded. When the car did work, I had to enter it from the passenger side because the driver’s side door lock didn’t work. The windshield fluid button thingy didn’t work either, so I had to keep a container of Windex in my car and manually clean the windshield in the winter when salt would get on it. Oh, it was a special car.

Whenever the car would actually start I would be pleasantly shocked and surprised. My dental chair is the 1987 chrysler fifth avenue of dental chairs. Yet, I have to laugh, otherwise I will throw it out the window. I think a cab driver bought the chrysler from us…God help him.

Sometimes people will want to invent things to worry and be serious about. One day I was sitting on the train with a friend who suddenly asked me a series of “what ifs”. Her “what ifs” soon became insane ramblings. She said what if one day there is an illness that turns into an epidemic that turns into a worldwide pandemic that makes everyone turn into zombies. What if the whole world becomes zombies and we all die a big fat zombie death, she asked me with fear in her eyes. (give her a break, she was really really tired that day)

I looked at her and lazily said with a shrug of my shoulders, “Hey, what are you gonna do.”….at least everything in the malls will be free.  I was in no mood to take on that particular problem that day. How did talking about the weather turn into a discussion of an impending zombie apocalypse? I still don’t know.

Anyways, the point is, don’t be too serious, and don’t invent things to go crazy about either. Just laugh at it all.

Laugh at yourself, and if you need more inspiration, read about what the politicians had to say today..that usually makes for a great laugh….Sorry, D.C. did I offend you?