• Our bad habits can be barriers to our dreams.
  • For some it’s procrastination: the art of putting things off. Some of us have mastered this until it is a true work of art. Lose it. It is not a beautiful painting,
  • For some of us, it’s constantly ignoring ourĀ inner voice. It’s a bad habit. A good habit is listening to your heart and doing what it tells you to do.
  • For some of us, it’s letting ourselves get distracted and falling off course. We live in a loud and busy world. We have to try harder to minimize the distractions.
  • Whatever habit or habits you have that are blocking your progress towards your dreams, make it a priority to try hard everyday to get past them.
  • Your dreams are worth the trouble.
As for me, it’s a daily task for me to push past my procrastination, insecurities, excuses, and distractions to get myself to move forward a little each day. Hey, if I can do it, you can do it.