• When you are desperately trying to reach a goal, the best thing to do is to think of your journey as a series of steps you have to take


  • Baby steps
  • Until you reach the top
  • If you sit and worry over how you will ever get to the top of that mountain and how long it will take you to get there, you are only going to waste your time worrying and it will get you no closer to where you want to be.
  • Today I went to a mountainside with a friend and we came upon the series of steps you see above.
  • We had already been walking and climbing for quite a while in the 85 degree autumn heat and survived the stink bug infestation that had me screaming every 10 seconds as they buzzed about in our hair and stuck to our clothes with a tenacity I’ve never seen before.
  • The thought of walking up those last set of steps seemed daunting, but we were almost to the top and we couldn’t give up when we were so close.
  • It reminded me of how we often travel a long way to reach our dreams but in that last stretch the path seems to get steepest and we are the most likely to give up and turn back.
  • That is the time when we need to keep our persistence and keep moving.
  • That is also the time when we need to break the journey down into little steps.
  • If you look at the huge staircase you have to climb as just a series of baby steps, it will make it less intimidating.
  • When you get tired, stressed, or want to quit, just take the next step and the next one after.
  • Keep moving and before you know it, you will reach your goals.
  • The road ahead is unknown. We never know what will be around the corner.
  • But it is important to keep moving and to of course have a little fun along the way.
(That is the biggest snickers pie I have ever ordered)
And seriously, what was the story with the stink bugs? I have never seen so many concentrated in one area. It was like walking into a wall of stink bugs wherever we went. The cars were covered with them. It was like every car had been painted in the sought after stink bug shade. I’ve never had to dive into a car head first to keep the 20 million stink bugs from following me inside.
I can still hear the buzzing ;)