Happy Halloween! My favorite candy is chocolate covered cherries……the perfect marriage of two delicious things.

When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday next to Christmas.¬†We would go trick or treating and make sure to hit the townhouses in the neighborhood first because you get more bang for your buck that way….Then we would hit the single family homes. You have to strategize! You can’t go out there into the wild without a plan!! It’s battle conditions out there and resources are low!!!!

One year we trick or treated till 11:00 at night without our parents. I don’t know how I got away with that with my strict parents…I guess all bets were off on Halloween.

One year I was in the 8th grade (yes we all still went trick or treating-don’t judge me) and my friends and I decided to go to one last house as our pillowcases of candy were getting heavy. It was a house filled with college guys. I remember one guy put candy in our bags and then said, “be careful girls, you wouldn’t want anyone stealing your candy”. We smiled, slowly backed away and ran like hell. They chased us for I don’t know how long. I never looked back. It did not help that one of my friends was dressed as a mummy…and by “mummy” I mean we wrapped her in toilet paper.. All of the running left a telltale trail for the guys to find us. We got away.

I loved those Halloween adventures. It was like suddenly all normalcy went out the window and you were now in some wierd dimension where it was okay for grown men to chase teenage girls down the street…wait…that’s never ok……..

Then we would come home and rummage through our goodies. Tossing out all unwrapped candy which was sure to be drugged as every adult told us. It always made me envision some creepy adult injecting drugs into the candy with a syringe and laughing maniacally.

I would always get angry at the occasional bag of carrots or pretzels that would get in there. I would stare at the carrots in wonder as to what that person was thinking.

However, nothing is worse than getting a pencil!! Who does that ?? No words can express…It’s as much a mystery to me as why Chipotle puts out the Pinto beans when no one ever orders them. EVERYONE ASKS FOR THE BLACK BEANS!! Next time you go to Chipotle, look at how full that Pinto bean bowl is and how empty the black bean container is….It’s gotten to the point where asking you which beans you want is a formality. Before you even answer they are already reaching for the black beans…They know…

So anyways I hope we all have a wonderful adventure tonight no matter how old you are :)