They are tearing down my old dental school.

  • They already built the new school right next door. The old school was just sitting there unused and dormant for a long time.


  • I left Baltimore years ago after graduation and I never looked back. I didn’t even attend my 5 or 10 year reunions.


  • I have a mixture of bad and good memories from my dental school days in Baltimore. It was a rough time in my life.


  • I sit here now a dentist with 10 years of experience behind me, but now finally pursuing my dreams.


  • When I saw friends posting pictures of the school on Facebook like the photo above, at first I couldn’t decide how I felt.


  • Then I began to think of the demolition of the old school as also knocking down the past.


  • I admit I’ve been holding on to a tremendous amount of bad memories from those days and I finally need to let go of them.


  • It’s both symbolic and serendipitous that this happens right at a point in my life when I’m poised for a big change and ready to shed the past completely.


  • I’m going to leave that part of my life among the rubble and let the wrecking ball do the work.


The past is truly gone. It’s time to start again.

Is there something from your past you need to knock down into rubble? If yes, then you need to do it to make room for something new to come along. Need a sledgehammer? Want to borrow mine? (okay not a real one, a symbolic one ;) )