How to not resent your day job while you pursue your dreams
It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, work at the saw mill, or burger king. If you are actively pursuing a dream that has nothing to do with your day job you will begin to resent that job.
When we decide to go after that dream we either ignored or left behind, our daily job may still have to be a necessary part of our lives until our dream takes off.
So until that day comes how do you manage your feelings about the job you don’t love?
The Problem
You make the decision to be brave and change your life and pursue a dream. Then you realize with each passing day that although you still need your job, you begin to see it as nothing more than a time and energy suck. It becomes nothing more to you than an annoying daily drudgery that pulls you away from what you really want to do. 
The Solution
Change your view. Sounds easy in print but changing your view and keeping that view is going to be a daily task. It’s like flossing. (Oh that’s right, no one flosses.. Sorry that’s my day job trying to come through in this post ;) ) Here is what you can do: 
  •  Alter your perception and see your daily job as a temporary financial helper to get you to where you want to be.
  • Sometimes you have to tough it out in your day job for a while until your dream takes off and pays the bills.
  • Soon you will see your daily job as a stepping stone to where you want to be instead of a road block.
  • Remember, the more you view your job as an annoyance, the harder it will get to go everyday and the negative energy will hold you back from reaching your goals.
  • Set time aside every day to pursue your goals.
  • Get rid of unnecessary time and energy wasters in your life and use that time for your dream.
  • This change in time management will give you more time to do what you want to do and you will feel better about your life.
  • Days when I didn’t give myself time to write made me very cranky at my day job. Once I got rid of the time suckers from my life I was more calm at work because I knew I had more time to pursue my goals.
  • Keep reminding yourself that this situation is temporary. Your dream will come true and your day job can change if you want it to.
  • It is a blessing to have a “regular” job you go to and a dream you are working on. It is also a blessing to have the option to let that job go when your dream keeps you financially comfy and cozy. That day will come.
Until then be patient.