How long can I keep my Christmas tree up before I’m called “the crazy lady down the street with her tree still up”? One more week? Two? Just wondering about the time frame here where one enters nutty territory.

I would feel less odd if someone out there can confirm that they still have their tree up. I just want to keep that cozy and fluffy Christmas feeling just a bit longer. If that makes me wierd, then so be it.

My need to prolong Christmas is futile. As soon as I take the tree down I will be faced with the realities of winter. Somehow, all the holiday gift baskets, cookie making, parties, and egg nog made me forget about how cold it is outside. It was like it created a magical electric blanket everywhere I went.

The streets are lined with lights and people in the city are nicer than normal. Why can’t we have lights up year round? Too wierd? I don’t think it is.

I will do it tomorrow. The tree will come down and I will find ways to make this winter less wintery. Maybe it will snow and I will bake cookies. What is it about snow that makes people want to bake? When there is a hurricane, or hail no one ever says, “I know! Cookies are the answer!!”

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to figure out a way to appreciate my least favorite season. It is much like the relative we all have and don’t get along with, but we manage to tolerate them anyways at family gatherings.

There are some things about winter that are not so bad:

1. I am not expected to run outside and be active constantly with the thought that,”it’s such a beautiful day, let’s get out there!” Winter nurses my once in a while, inner need to hibernate.

2.  It makes it easier to stay inside and get writing done. No longer are the birds chirping and the gorgeous weather taunting me to come outside.

3.  I can’t think of anymore…..sigh…I want to go to the beach now ;)

Happy New Year!!!!