I learned today that my life is controlled by a series of passwords that I cannot remember. It is amazing how many passwords the average person must remember in order to function in their daily lives. If you are the poor unfortunate soul who forgot a few passwords and may God help you if you forgot your user ID and even the so-called, ”secret answer to the secret security question” in order to reset that password and are now lost and alone in the world wandering aimlessly looking for your passwords, user ID and other forms of proof that you are who you allegedly claim you are…then read on..you are not alone.

Today I got an I Pad. I love this thing. However, it was during the configuration and set up of my I Pad that I was faced with my biggest fear of remembering passwords. Everytime it would ask me for a user id and password for something, my heart would skip a beat like I was taking a test that I did not study for.

 I had to recall my Wi Fi password, Gmail password, Yahoo password, Pandora password, Twitter password, Facebook password, and many many many more. By the end of it, I had to pull myself out of the fetal position and make a cup of tea to soothe my nerves. It was an ordeal.

I know these things should be memorized but with the constant use of my IPhone which never forces me to log in ever again as long as I live.  I haven’t had to type my password to almost anything in years. It forced me into a lazy paradise where I remembered nothing.

I have a problem where I keep my passwords in a safe place but fail to update them when they change.

Right now, I am aimlessly floating in the world without a clue as to what my Yahoo password is. I don’t even know the answer to the secret question! Sad, but true. I changed my password a while back and never wrote it down. I’m going to give my brain some rest and sleep on this one and hope it comes to me at 2 AM like most great ideas do. I’ll wake up screaming, “I got it!!! It’s schlim schlam!” (you know all passwords are wierd)

Remember when life was simpler? Ok, it was less fun with my parents Zenith TV set when I was a kid and had an antenna on top that was constantly in the wrong position. The TV screen would turn snowy every time someone walked into the room and in the vicinity of the TV.  As soon as we would get to the part of the movie when things got interesting, someone would walk in and ruin the picture and we would all scream at them. We had to tiptoe around the TV back then.  But at least we didn’t need a password to turn the TV on :)

I hope one day it doesn’t get worse and we need a password to get into our houses or cars. I would spend many days sleeping on my porch or having to take the bus home.

I blame myself. I should be more organized with stuff and try to memorize everything like I used to before gadgets.

Lesson learned.