My spam filter is not holding up its end of the deal anymore. Lately I have been getting 40 spam comments a day in my blog inbox. They are all from the same site trying to sell viagra. It’s not even a regular viagra site. It is called a “cheap viagra site”. Great. Wonderful. Thanks. I feel so honored. I’m not good enough for the real stuff. Yes, cheap Viagra has targeted my site. The comments it leaves makes absolutely no sense in the English language..or any language for that matter.

It says silly things such as “blog a blog great more read thanks” sounds almost like a compliment if you drink a bottle of wine alone, close one eye and read it while you are in an upside down yoga position. It may even make it more fun to read the comments that way.

My absolute favorite comment it left was, “have for I more for great a would huge I will Hello like this give on blog thumbs”. Made your brain hurt just reading it didn’t it? For that I apologize, but I just wanted to share my confusion and pain with you. Reading it makes me want to make sense of it, but it is an exercise in futility.

It reminds me of the time when a friend of mine in school was contemplating renting a townhouse that was on a slant. The entire house was on a slant. He made us come with him to look at it and tell him if the slant was “really that bad”. I walked into the house and immediately wanted to crawl on the floor because I would feel more comfortable that way. I walked around the house feeling like I was at the end of the movie Titanic when the ship was sinking and on a slant and everyone not holding on to anything went careening into the water. When he asked me, “What do you think?” I asked him for a life raft. I told him the only a person who would feel comfortable in that house is someone who was constantly drunk. What were they thinking building a house like that? But then again, this was in downtown Baltimore so…..

But I am getting off topic here. One of the comments from the cheap viagra site was “excellent Zune hope well for as the …” and it goes on…It called me Zune! Now I’m even more confused.

I decided to write this silly post in an effort to find humor in something that annoys me thoroughly. If I can’t laugh at what irritates me in this world, then what is the point? :) Also, if you can laugh at these things then it no longer has any power over you.

So anyways..good night and most importantly, “thanks is place me Your for valuable” …my thoughts exactly.