Last night I went out on the town in D.C. with a friend.  After we easily slid into a parking space on a busy street right across from the restaurant we both knew it was going to be a great night. Finding a parking space on a D.C. street is a special thrill that cannot be described unless you fully grasp how hard it can be to find parking.

When you find one close to your destination you cannot help but squee with delight. It’s so magical that part of you still does not believe your luck. Then you cautiously walk out of your car thinking that the space is too good to be true and check the parking signs near it. In D.C. you need a PhD in parking sciences to fully understand if you can park there or not. Do not be fooled by the fact that other cars are parked there. It only means that you and those other cars will get tickets thus making the meter maid do a happy dance and squee with delight. (squee is my word of the evening)

We got out of the car and read the signs. You must pay through 10pm. It was 8:45pm. We paid for the remaining time till 10pm. We followed the rules. There was no rule against parking there after 10pm according to the sign. We felt blessed with this magical space.

We went to a popular high end DC restaurant for dinner.  The food has always been good and it has great ambiance. It was when we were in the middle of our appetizer that it happened. My friend noticed a huge cockroach on the wall behind me next to our table. The passing busboy saw it and killed it with a napkin. The hostess saw the entire thing. She looked at us with pure fear in her eyes and admitted they recently had an exterminator come by.

She must have alerted the manager because 2 minutes later he showed up at our table. He looked terrified. He knew that one call from us to the health dept. could close the entire restaurant. Luckily we are nice. He told us that they are doing construction next door and the cockroaches were coming over. Lovely. He paid for our meal. We decided to get dessert too.

Cockroach incident aside, we ate at a high end restaurant at no charge ;) I still won’t be returning there ever again..even for happy hour.

We decided to walk over to the W hotel which has an amazing rooftop lounge. The view of D.C. from the roof was incredible. You can see the White House, the Monument, and even Virginia from the roof. The music was good, everyone was dancing and the people were interesting. Five minutes after we got there a girl we did not know invited us to sit with her and enjoy a bottle of Cristal with her. Who would say no to that? She was an interesting girl with unusual friends and she…never…took..her…

Later, we somehow ended up at Lima Lounge. Usually that is how people go to Lima. They somehow without fully understanding how or why, end up there. It is not usually a place where most people intentionally go. However, if you go, avoid the ground floor at all costs. Just my opinion but it is best if you pretend it is not there. We went straight to the top floor where they had a huge crowd and good music. The highlight of the evening was watching a woman balance a full bottle of vodka on her head while dancing. No, she was not the entertainment for the club. She was a lady who was out with her friends. I was impressed. She never dropped the bottle.

By 2 AM the evening hit its expiration date with me when my shoes told me that the evening was over. My heels have a way of being nice for most of the evening then deciding to turn on me with a vengeance by the end of it.

We also got a parking ticket. Half of the cars there also got tickets. There is no rhyme or reason to the parking tickets they pass out in D.C. It’s laughable.

All in all it we predicted it well, it was a great night. Sometimes the best evenings are the ones where nothing really goes as planned :)