Have you ever been so stuck on a decision that you just don’t know what to do? You examine it from every possible angle and still can’t decide? You look at all of the outcomes and scenarios and it still leaves you stumped? All of your thinking and wishing for the right answer has left you no closer to the solution and you are only more confused than ever as to what you should do.

I spent years pontificating, ruminating, hoping, wishing and praying that I make the right decision. All of that thinking was just thinking and no real decision was made. I was left in a sea of indecision with no life raft to get me out. 

I know this happens to everyone. It can be incredibly frustrating. Recently I finally made the decision that had been plaguing me for 8 years. It was a question of should I stay or should I leave? I finally felt an enormous weight lift off of me when I finally decided.

In retrospect, I realize that what was holding me back from making a decision was fear. I knew that once I decided, I would have to act on that decision. I think the fear of moving forward kept me on the fence. This can happen to anyone. I understand that now. At least I know I won’t take so long with any future decisions that come my way…hopefully ;)

If you are struggling with your own decision about something, try to understand what is keeping you on the fence. You may realize that fear may be holding you back. We fear we may make the wrong choice, or even the right one. We know that once we make a choice we have to move towards that decision and all of the changes that come with it.

Don’t stay on the fence, it is a very uncomfortable place to perch yourself. It’s a relief when you finally decide and jump off the fence and onto the soft ground below. Life is too short to spend it with indecision.

Just my thoughts for tonight.