Some days I feel like someone has pushed the fast forward button and suddenly the end of the day is upon me and I don’t know what happened. You wake up and have actual plans for your day and then one thing leads another and you got nothing done.  Then you look at the clock and see that it is so late, that it is almost tomorrow. You sigh and promise yourself that tomorrow will be different. You will not let the day get away from you. Tomorrow will be a magical day when you will stay focused and get things done.

One thing that I have noticed is that I am most productive on the days when I am not trying. The days where I just let the day go where it pleases is when I get things on my to-do list done. When we remove the pressure of having to do everything is when we end up doing everything we need to do. Wierd isn’t it?

Today I walked around in a fog induced by my newfound spring time allergies (oh what a joy they are) and tried to get things done. It did not work. Have you ever tried to function normally when you have seasonal allergies? It’s like walking up a mountain wearing flip flops as hiking shoes. It is an uphill battle. Getting off topic for a moment, I never in my life thought I would be afraid of trees, grass or flowers. I went to the market briefly today and when I saw the floral section, I made a quick U-turn and almost ran into an elderly woman on a mission with her shopping cart. Ignoring her glare at my clumsiness, I thought about how I was now intensely afraid of flowers. If anyone wants to threaten me they just need to send me a bouquet of whatever and I will run out of the room screaming.

Back to the topic.

What can you do to stay on task and not let the day get away from you? Don’t make grand plans that you will get 4 million things done. You will never get everything done and it will only undermine your self confidence. Do allow yourself days where you plan on getting nothing done. (those are usually the days where you will anyways) Today was a day when I should have planned to do nothing since I was viewing the world in a pollen induced haze. Live and learn I guess.

On the days when you plan to get things done, keep your list short and only do what is most important. Minimize your distractions and things that are ‘time suckers’ like TV, internet and that gossipy person you know. (we all know at least one)

Until tomorrow…..  :)