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How to Still Believe in Fairy Tales

  • Today I went to see the movie Frozen with my nephew.


  • In the early part of the movie the princess gets engaged to a prince that she just met because they instantly fell “in love.”


  • This was when I turned to my nephew and said incredulously, “Engaged?! They just met!!” His answer was simple, “This is a fairy tale.”


  • Then I realized I was applying the real world to a fairy tale. I was using my experience in the real world of failed relationships, divorces all around me, and unhappy marriages as my basis.


  • When I was a kid I wouldn’t have questioned this plot point in the movie. In kid world, all things are possible.


  • When we become adults our worlds become less fairy tale and more stark reality.


  • Is this always a good thing? Sometimes it’s good to keep a little bit of hope against hope and believe in the unbelievable in our workaday adult lives.


  • It doesn’t hurt to sprinkle a little fairy dust here and there.





2013: The Year You Changed Your Life


How did 2013 treat you?  

  • I look back on 2013 and first judged it to be a tough year. Then I realized I was too harsh on 2013. It was actually a great year. Great because it was necessary to take me to the next step.


  • Some years may seem harder than others because they are what I like to call “The Set-Up” year.


  • The Set-Up Year moves around the puzzle pieces in your life to prepare you and make room for the changes that will come later.


  • This disruption is never easy, but it’s necessary to get you to the next phase of your life.


  • It can make it seem like you were having a hard year, but it was just a intense year with lots of changes that you needed to go through.


  • Remember, not every year is going to be a “woo hoo” year. It won’t always feel like roses and sunshine.


  • Sometimes it’s a year of organization and change that will get you to the next years of your life when you will reap the benefits of last year’s hard work.

(Remember, changing your life is always brave.)

  • Your courage to make changes in your life doesn’t go unnoticed by the universe. It jiggles loose all the rewards that your dedication and faith brings.

Have faith, be happy and happy new year!



They are tearing down my old dental school.

  • They already built the new school right next door. The old school was just sitting there unused and dormant for a long time.


  • I left Baltimore years ago after graduation and I never looked back. I didn’t even attend my 5 or 10 year reunions.


  • I have a mixture of bad and good memories from my dental school days in Baltimore. It was a rough time in my life.


  • I sit here now a dentist with 10 years of experience behind me, but now finally pursuing my dreams.


  • When I saw friends posting pictures of the school on Facebook like the photo above, at first I couldn’t decide how I felt.


  • Then I began to think of the demolition of the old school as also knocking down the past.


  • I admit I’ve been holding on to a tremendous amount of bad memories from those days and I finally need to let go of them.


  • It’s both symbolic and serendipitous that this happens right at a point in my life when I’m poised for a big change and ready to shed the past completely.


  • I’m going to leave that part of my life among the rubble and let the wrecking ball do the work.


The past is truly gone. It’s time to start again.

Is there something from your past you need to knock down into rubble? If yes, then you need to do it to make room for something new to come along. Need a sledgehammer? Want to borrow mine? (okay not a real one, a symbolic one ;) )



How To Listen To Yourself


  • Staying true to yourself is the most challenging thing you will ever do.
  • You have people coming at you from every direction. Your family has their set of expectations of who they want you to be. Even some of your friends may be used to seeing you in a certain way. Even society will try to tell you who you should be.
  • It’s hard to keep listening to your own voice above the fracas of the outer world.
  • Keep trying. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life or who you should be. If something doesn’t feel right to you then don’t do it. Don’t listen to “them”. Listen to you.
  • 5 years ago I bought a house because everyone around me said, I “should” want it. I “need” to own something. It was “time”.
  • Everything inside of me said it was not time. It was not a good decision for me. Somehow all the outside voices drowned out my inner voice of reason.
  • Soon, I found myself also thinking that I needed to own a home. I forgot the fact that I wasn’t ready to own.
  • I take the responsibility for my decision. No one else is at fault.
  • This year I sold the house and I’m happier than I’ve been in 5 years. Selling also went against the advice of many in my life, but this time I didn’t listen to them.
  • I realized I spent much of my life listening to others and not myself in every area of my life. Luckily I can still save myself and my future.
  • Do you do that? If yes, what can you do to change that? It’s fairly simple to do it. You just have to listen and pay attention to yourself. Then you must ignore everyone else.
  • Don’t waste your life doing what others want you to do.

Run and Hide From Negative People

  • You know how there are people in this world who are just brimming with positive energy? You’ve met them as your friends, acquaintances or even strangers in an elevator who always manage to make everyone smile and feel good about life.
  • They are the ones who seem to have a glow about them. Spending just 5 seconds with them can turn your Monday morning at 8 am mood right around.
  • Then, there are the people who are the exact opposite of all of that.


  • I recently had an encounter with someone I barely know who is the opposite of a ray of sunshine. 5 seconds with her and your happy mood can fly out the window and suddenly your mind is racing with all kinds of sad and gloomy thoughts.


  • She is not a bad person. She is smart, successful and seems kind, but for some reason she always carries a cloud of doom and gloom with her.
  • Every encounter I’ve had with her has cast a shadow on the rest of my day. She is a glass is half empty person who wants to share with you the details of why that glass is empty and how it will never be full no matter what you do.
  • Every time I see this person my instincts tell me to head for the hills.
  • I once made the mistake of telling this person about my plans and dreams and she shot back with a pleasant smile and casually said they will not come true.
  • Lesson I learned: Don’t share your dreams with everyone, especially the Debbie Downers of this world.
  • They don’t need to know about your life. Learn to recognize who they are and do your best to stay away. Run if you have to. Who cares if you look silly. You have your dreams to protect. You have your mood to protect too.
  • Don’t let anyone, no matter who they are, cast a dark shadow on your day, your week, your year or your life. Learn to cut these people out of your life or at least don’t tell them a thing about your plans.
  • Sometimes it’s good to keep your life a secret to certain people. They will think you are mysterious, or even weird. Let them think whatever they want.
  • Go find that person who is a ray of sunshine instead. They usually have cookies ;)




Is It Good To Be The Youngest Child?

Are you the youngest child?

  • It’s the plight of the youngest child. We are under appreciated and constantly feel the need to prove ourselves to our families who are used to not taking us seriously.
  • We are also the dreamers. We are the ones who go after our dreams. We march to the beat of our own drum.
  • Most people in our family think our ideas are nuts and are often surprised when we become a success. Maybe it’s because they still see us as the baby, the 5 year old, the silly one.
  • We are inquisitive. We see life from a different angle. We are less likely to follow what everyone else is doing. We don’t want to conform.
  • Years of being compared to our older siblings led us to become our own unique version who is anything but boring. We strive to be different.
  • It is the youngest child’s lot in life to always want to stand out. To make our mark. Whether you are 10 or 35 or 82 you will always have the symptoms of the youngest child.
  • Is  it a blessing or a curse?
  • If you ask me, I’d say its a blessing. As a child I thought it was a curse. I hated being the youngest.  Sure I got away with more things than my sister did but I was never taken seriously, and none of my opinions counted. I was often just a voice that no one listened to. Most of my opinions were dismissed with an, “aww isn’t that cute, she has an opinion” or an, ” who taught you to think that way?”
  • Now I understand it has only made me who I am. I wouldn’t change that for the world. It gave me the drive to change things, chase after my dreams and become who I am meant to be.

So in conclusion, yes, it is good to be the youngest :)



How To Leave The Past Behind

Do you ever wish you could do things differently? Do you ever look at your life and wonder what would have happened if you went another way instead of the direction you went?
There is no clear cut answer as to whether your life would have turned out better or worse if you had changed direction in the past.
The only thing you do know is that you are here now and are the person you are now. Your history and your past decisions made you who you are today but they don’t define who you will be in the future.
It is what you think and do now that defines who you will become.
Don’t beat yourself up over your past decisions. You don’t know if they were really mistakes. They were just a step you took that led to the next step and the one after that until you got here. That’s all they were.
Our past does not have to be earth shattering unless we treat it that way.
Try not to think about the so-called mistakes you made in the past, instead think of where you are going today. Then keep moving forward until you reach your dreams.
The past is your history. Leave it there. Don’t be a frequent visitor there.

The Person You Really Are

  • In this crazy, messy, busy world, it an be very easy to forget who you are. You have to first understand who you are before you can know where you need to go in life.
  • It may sound silly, but when it comes to getting back in touch with who you are, it helps to just simply write down a list.
  • Jot down a list of things about you. Don’t think too hard, just write. Do it fast without over thinking it.  When you don’t think, that is when your true feelings come out.
  • Below is an example of one I did for myself. It varies from the silly to the more serious.

I’m the girl who wears sunblock on a rainy day

I’m the girl who likes to see things from a different point of view

I’m the girl who secretly  goes insane when others emails have misspelled words
I’m the girl who despite the independent spirit, still secretly wishes to meet her soul mate
I’m the girl who doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift
I’m the girl who never got around to taking the training wheels off her bike but learned how to figure skate
I’m the girl who is starting to  figure out who she is and what she wants
I’m the girl who decided to finally swim in the deep end of the pool
I’m the girl who prefers it when people are real
I’m the girl who knows how to use a power drill, caulk a tub and still can do a perfect manicure
I’m the girl who considers a bookstore or a coffee shop to be a sanctuary
I’m the girl who wishes summer could last all year long
I’m the girl who can sit and stare at the ocean for hours as if it’s telling me a story
I’m the girl who will sit fearlessly  under the palm tree with dangling coconuts overhead
I’m the girl who would rather sit outside all day and write
I’m the girl who will probably forget your birthday but will make it up to you with a great gift
I’m the girl who never forgets a face but might forget a name right after hearing it
I’m the girl who once got a cat despite the fact that she’s a dog person
I’m the girl who will rarely say no to chocolate
I’m the girl who trusts her intuition now instead of ignoring  it
I’m the girl who will pick an apple over a cupcake
I’m the girl who you will think you have figured out but will realize you were all wrong
I’m the girl with two sides to her personality..and a third and fourth
I’m the girl who can seem calm on the surface but is often anything but
I’m the girl who believes that dreams come true

The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art and Science of Doing Nothing

No no no, this is not a post telling you to do nothing with your life.
  • Sometimes you just need a break. You don’t have to be a dream chaser every single day. Some days you really need to be unproductive and contribute nothing to society.
  • Those are the golden days where you will recharge your batteries.


  • You will have a chance to catch up on the art of doing nothing, nada, zero, zilch, nyet, hichi.
  • Doing nothing a beautiful thing especially in this action packed, to do list driven, sensory overload world we live in.


  • There is no shame in doing nothing once in a while.


  • Many of us get a miraculous nothing day and then tell people we did this and that. We hide what we did (or rather didn’t do) as if we committed a crime and we cover it up. You did not rob a bank! You just relaxed for a day. (you might feel guilty especially if your nothing day falls during the week when everyone else is working. That is the best time!)
  • These nothing days are key to getting your mojo back. They are necessary to fuel our creativity so that we can write that chapter, deal with those customers, work at our careers and the exact thing we need to feel inspired again.


  • It is the cure for the burnt out, over scheduled feeling and pulls us out of our routines.


  • Doing nothing makes us better, stronger and even nicer to be around.
We need the nothing days. They are precious. Use them well. Don’t ruin them by being productive :)
If you really need a list of possible nothings to do, here is a short one:
1) Read a book for fun.
2) Go shopping but buy nothing.
3) Go sit at a coffee shop and watch people go by. People are interesting.
4) Go to a fabric store and touch all of the fabrics then run away.
5) Take a walk but don’t walk too fast…speed walking is dangerously close to actually doing something and you don’t want that.
6) Look at old pictures and read through old letters. Wonder what happened to your 2nd grade teacher who could never pronounce your name, try to Google her and find that she is not online then realize she may not be a “Facebook” kind of person or even “Googleable” (My own word I just made up)
7) Catch up on all of the movies and shows you have been hoarding on your DVR, order Chinese food and then have a bowl of ice cream with gummy bears in it…and maybe a donut.
8) Find a non-judgmental person who also dreams of doing nothing today and wants to do absolutely nothing with you. Two peas one pod.
  • Or do none of the above.


  •  Find your own nothing and have fun with it. It is an art form. If someone asks you what you did on your nothing day, say that you made art. They will look confused but that’s okay…at least you had a good day.

Oh, and try to watch the sunset..


If you get a chance to watch it…no pressure :)




  • When you are desperately trying to reach a goal, the best thing to do is to think of your journey as a series of steps you have to take


  • Baby steps
  • Until you reach the top
  • If you sit and worry over how you will ever get to the top of that mountain and how long it will take you to get there, you are only going to waste your time worrying and it will get you no closer to where you want to be.
  • Today I went to a mountainside with a friend and we came upon the series of steps you see above.
  • We had already been walking and climbing for quite a while in the 85 degree autumn heat and survived the stink bug infestation that had me screaming every 10 seconds as they buzzed about in our hair and stuck to our clothes with a tenacity I’ve never seen before.
  • The thought of walking up those last set of steps seemed daunting, but we were almost to the top and we couldn’t give up when we were so close.
  • It reminded me of how we often travel a long way to reach our dreams but in that last stretch the path seems to get steepest and we are the most likely to give up and turn back.
  • That is the time when we need to keep our persistence and keep moving.
  • That is also the time when we need to break the journey down into little steps.
  • If you look at the huge staircase you have to climb as just a series of baby steps, it will make it less intimidating.
  • When you get tired, stressed, or want to quit, just take the next step and the next one after.
  • Keep moving and before you know it, you will reach your goals.
  • The road ahead is unknown. We never know what will be around the corner.
  • But it is important to keep moving and to of course have a little fun along the way.
(That is the biggest snickers pie I have ever ordered)
And seriously, what was the story with the stink bugs? I have never seen so many concentrated in one area. It was like walking into a wall of stink bugs wherever we went. The cars were covered with them. It was like every car had been painted in the sought after stink bug shade. I’ve never had to dive into a car head first to keep the 20 million stink bugs from following me inside.
I can still hear the buzzing ;)