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My 20 year high school reunion is coming up. The very thought makes me want to roll my eyes and not go.

Actually, I’ll do just that.

Reasons Why I’m Not Going

Reason #1 

Let’s be real here. The only people who really want to go to the 20 year reunion are the ones who peaked in high school. (either that or people with a morbid curiosity-but more on that later)

“I Don’t Trust Anybody Who Looks Back On The Years 14-18 With Any Enjoyment. If You Liked Being A Teenager, There’s Something Wrong With You.” -Stephen King

And he’s a genius.

For those who “peaked”, High School was the highlight of their existence. They are excited to go and relive their “glory days.”


Me? I didn’t peak in high school, college or dental school.


Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But really I marched to the beat of my own drum and I gravitated toward others that were just as weird as me.


I think I just started peaking now and hopefully will continue until old age.

I do understand going to the 10 year reunion just for the sake of going. (that’s what I did)

But the 15 year is just silly and the 20 year is even more ridiculous.


Reason #2

Everyone I care to know from high school I already kept in touch with over the years, and none of them are going.

I once ran into someone I knew from high school that I hadn’t seen in years and instead of telling me, “Hey, Caroline! How are things? Haven’t seen you in years!”

She instead she surveyed me with narrowed eyes from head to toe as I removed my 8 layers of clothing that cold winter’s day in the hair salon and said, “A tank top? In winter?”

“Hello to you too!”, I said to her.

That’s “Exhibit A” of why I don’t need to go to my 20 year reunion.

Is it my fault I’m allergic to all things wool and cashmere and have to resort to wearing multiple layers of cotton to keep warm? It’s okay I hate sweaters anyway.

(That is not a sexy look)

My distaste of sweaters alone was enough to propel me to Miami where I’ll live out the rest of my winters where I can live in a “tank top without judgment zone”.


Reason #3

Morbid curiosity caused my friends and I to go to the 10 year reunion.

I no longer have that curiosity about the 20 year.


The only good thing about it was the chocolate fountain.

Sadly, that’s… about… it.

Actually, if i can be guaranteed that there will be a chocolate fountain at this one too, then I’m booking a ticket….No I’m not.


Reason #4

The ones who peaked in high school still kept the same group of friends and actually married into that group and never met anyone else along the way.

At age 28, they were the same people. They didn’t grow or change.

They didn’t suddenly become friendlier or nicer or more mature.

The same groups of people at our school they judged and teased, they still did at age 28.

No sudden life changes or epiphanies for them. How sad.

The rest of us did. We mutated into something better than we were in high school.


We went off and tried new things, met new people and changed.

another genius…

None of us should be the same people we were in high school. Why should we?

Adolescence was a time in our lives when we were not fully formed yet, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We were only seedlings!

If you don’t agree, that’s okay.


Reason #5

The dreaded questions!!!

As for me, I’ll save my frequent flyer miles for a real vacation rather than a trip down non-existent memory lane where I relive 4 years of a time in my adolescence that I would rather forget and be bombarded with questions like:

“So what do you do? Where do you live? Kids? Husband? What’s your brand of peanut butter?”


But to be honest none of us should ever really “peak” anytime. We’re all works in progress. Maybe we’ll all eventually peak 2 seconds before we die at age 100 and then we have to start all over in the next life! ;)

Onward and upward!



Bad days…We all have them. It doesn’t have to last all day long. 


Here are some things you can try:

1. Figure out a way to find the humor in the situation

I know it’s not going to be easy, but do it anyway. I once had a day that went like this and I survived it by making myself laugh at the it.  I even wrote a post about it.

Hey, it made for a great story I could retell. If you can’t laugh at the absurd, then what’s the point?

When all else fails, get online and read blogs like this and this.

Some days being silly and ridiculous is just what the doctor ordered.


2. Make an, “At Least I’m Not” list

When a bad day is upon you, this is the perfect time to make a mental list of places and situations you are happy you’re not in.

For example, you may say, “at least I’m not in a Turkish prison” (unless your bad day is the result of being in a Turkish prison), or “at least I’m not marooned on a deserted island and a wild boar is eyeing me suspiciously right now.”

Keep adding to this list. You’ll soon feel better!

(actually, the deserted beach doesn’t look so bad–ignore the boat and the fact that this is actually a photo of Hawaii)

3) Make a “Things I’m Thankful For” list

I know Oprah told you to do this, but so am I.

Do this in your head. Chances are if you’re having a bad day, you can’t find your pen.

I sometimes wake up in a terrible mood and my only saving grace is making a list of everything I’m thankful for. By the time I’ve made it to the train station, I’m a different person with a much better outlook.

Remember, nothing is too small to put on this list. Start from the bigger things and work your way down to the small stuff. You’ll be amazed at how well this will turn your mood around.

Your perception will change and you’ll draw positive things to you. Our bad moods often trigger bad days.

Change your mood.


Life is a bowl of chocolate covered cherries!

Be Happy!!!–at least you’re not being chased through the woods by a bear and your only method of escape is jumping into a lake filled with piranhas ….

Did you have a bad day today? What happened?

Caroline :)



Today I saw a sign in front of a church that read, “Learn to laugh at yourself. You will never run out of things to laugh about”……words of wisdom….

If you take yourself too seriously you will become a bore. No one will want to hang out with you because you are boring and pitiful. Not a pretty picture. No one ever says, “Wow, you seem really dull!! Let’s hang out!!”

Instead learn to laugh at yourself and the wierd world we live in. Sometimes when someone is taking themselves too seriously and working themselves into a tizzy over it, I have to stop myself from laughing at them. Other times, I am that person who is taking myself too seriously and I need to snap myself out of it.  

Yesterday I had a patient in the dental chair and I was about to start the procedure. I reclined their chair back so I could start. Suddenly, the chair made a sound of a spring coming out of place. It made a loud, “Boinnng!” sound reminicent of those cartoons I watched as a kid right before something fell apart. I said, “That’s not a good sound”. My assistant and I looked at each other and started laughing. This was the last straw.

My dental chair is relatively new, yet has a million problems. It’s leaking hydraulic fluid…yes, actual hydraulic fluid (according to the repair guy), things are falling off of it, sometimes the water works, sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the chair’s mood that day.

It reminds me of the first car I ever drove. An old chrysler fifth avenue my dad gave me when I was 16. He gave me the car that looked like a boat to protect me from bodily harm should I hit anything. I could dock that boat anywhere with keen precision. It was amazing. The only thing that worked well on it was the AC. The AC was magnificent.

However, the car did a 180 if you braked too hard, the engine was always flooded, it would stall as soon as I would pull into traffic, and I spent more time walking than driving because it was always leaving me stranded. When the car did work, I had to enter it from the passenger side because the driver’s side door lock didn’t work. The windshield fluid button thingy didn’t work either, so I had to keep a container of Windex in my car and manually clean the windshield in the winter when salt would get on it. Oh, it was a special car.

Whenever the car would actually start I would be pleasantly shocked and surprised. My dental chair is the 1987 chrysler fifth avenue of dental chairs. Yet, I have to laugh, otherwise I will throw it out the window. I think a cab driver bought the chrysler from us…God help him.

Sometimes people will want to invent things to worry and be serious about. One day I was sitting on the train with a friend who suddenly asked me a series of “what ifs”. Her “what ifs” soon became insane ramblings. She said what if one day there is an illness that turns into an epidemic that turns into a worldwide pandemic that makes everyone turn into zombies. What if the whole world becomes zombies and we all die a big fat zombie death, she asked me with fear in her eyes. (give her a break, she was really really tired that day)

I looked at her and lazily said with a shrug of my shoulders, “Hey, what are you gonna do.”….at least everything in the malls will be free.  I was in no mood to take on that particular problem that day. How did talking about the weather turn into a discussion of an impending zombie apocalypse? I still don’t know.

Anyways, the point is, don’t be too serious, and don’t invent things to go crazy about either. Just laugh at it all.

Laugh at yourself, and if you need more inspiration, read about what the politicians had to say today..that usually makes for a great laugh….Sorry, D.C. did I offend you?




The other day I was going through my basement cleaning out old papers when I found an old sketch book from my high school days. I had completely forgotten that I know how to do fashion sketches ( you know like the ones fashion designers do when they are planning their newest creations). I had a vague memory of trying them but I didn’t recall if they were any good.

I remember that I used to make clothes but I have no memory of being able to draw. I always thought drawing was not my thing. There it was staring me in the face, outfits that I sketched and planned but never made. I’m the one that for years has always said I can’t draw to save my life..unless its stick figures. That may or not still be true, but apparently I can draw this type of stuff.

So late last night I decided to try it again. I took out a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and put it in front of me. I turned off any noise in my house so there would be no escape for me. I stared at the page and asked it what I should draw. It gave me know answer. Blank pages never talk to us. Once I started drawing I found that I could not stop until it was done. Before I knew it ideas were flowing out of my head faster than I could keep up with them. I looked at my final product and thought it was not bad for my first try after I don’t want to say how many years.

My point is that sometimes we know how to do things that we are not aware of. Sometimes we forget what we are capable of doing. You never know unless you try.

As for me, am I going to bring those sketches into real ensembles? Well, I do have a sewing machine that has been glaring at me and giving me eye rolls and side eyes for months. I can make the sewing machine happy again :)





These Robin eggs were found by a relative in her back yard last night. I thought they were so amazing. I looked up Robin eggs online and found that everyone copies this color created by nature to paint their house, pick out furniture and even appliances. Googling Robin eggs led me to tons of pictures of interior design. I had to search harder to find out about the bird itself and not the food processor that is the robins’ egg blue. I thought that was wierd. Well…I admit it is a pretty shade of blue…

Anyways, the other day was Saturday and I was walking to the office trying to be happy about going to work on a Saturday morning. I had succeeded and partially tricked myself into a good mood. Suddenly, I saw a man taking pictures of me with his phone. I couldn’t stop him. I tried to block my face as much as I could but he had already gotten a few shots in before I even noticed him. I am grateful I had sunglasses on at least. This pushed me right back into my bad mood where I questioned the crazy world we live in.

I walked into the office and tried to collect myself and regain my good mood. Not an easy task. As if right on cue, the universe knew I needed to hear something positive and good. I saw a patient who came in wearing a cast. She told me she broke her leg when she slipped into a swimming pool. She was running into the pool to try to save a small child who was drowning. She told me she ignored her pain and did everything she could to save that child. I told her she earned her wings that day.

So badly that morning I just needed to hear a story like that. I needed to know there were good and selfless people in the world. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the negative that you have to remember there are positive things about the world we live in. I also thought about how wonderful it must feel knowing you saved a life.

Later that day, I was near my parents house and suddenly remembered they have a fish at home. They are out of town so I went over there to feed the fish. There was absolutely no food in this little guy’s bowl and my parents weren’t due back for days. In a small way, I did save this little fish’s life. Okay I didn’t jump in front of a moving bus or lift a car off of a baby but, every life is precious right? ;)   …..except for mosquitos and that annoying moth that was bouncing around my room, and spiders……sorry

Happy Monday!




The House Was Leaning!

My spam filter is not holding up its end of the deal anymore. Lately I have been getting 40 spam comments a day in my blog inbox. They are all from the same site trying to sell viagra. It’s not even a regular viagra site. It is called a “cheap viagra site”. Great. Wonderful. Thanks. I feel so honored. I’m not good enough for the real stuff. Yes, cheap Viagra has targeted my site. The comments it leaves makes absolutely no sense in the English language..or any language for that matter.

It says silly things such as “blog a blog great more read thanks” sounds almost like a compliment if you drink a bottle of wine alone, close one eye and read it while you are in an upside down yoga position. It may even make it more fun to read the comments that way.

My absolute favorite comment it left was, “have for I more for great a would huge I will Hello like this give on blog thumbs”. Made your brain hurt just reading it didn’t it? For that I apologize, but I just wanted to share my confusion and pain with you. Reading it makes me want to make sense of it, but it is an exercise in futility.

It reminds me of the time when a friend of mine in school was contemplating renting a townhouse that was on a slant. The entire house was on a slant. He made us come with him to look at it and tell him if the slant was “really that bad”. I walked into the house and immediately wanted to crawl on the floor because I would feel more comfortable that way. I walked around the house feeling like I was at the end of the movie Titanic when the ship was sinking and on a slant and everyone not holding on to anything went careening into the water. When he asked me, “What do you think?” I asked him for a life raft. I told him the only a person who would feel comfortable in that house is someone who was constantly drunk. What were they thinking building a house like that? But then again, this was in downtown Baltimore so…..

But I am getting off topic here. One of the comments from the cheap viagra site was “excellent Zune hope well for as the …” and it goes on…It called me Zune! Now I’m even more confused.

I decided to write this silly post in an effort to find humor in something that annoys me thoroughly. If I can’t laugh at what irritates me in this world, then what is the point? :) Also, if you can laugh at these things then it no longer has any power over you.

So anyways..good night and most importantly, “thanks is place me Your for valuable” …my thoughts exactly.



My Hero For The Day

The single flower you see in the above picture saved my entire day yesterday.

Yesterday I was having a very busy day at the office. Not a complaint because I was glad to be busy. By the end of the day, however, I was feeling exhausted, sleepy and a little unappreciated. (come on, we all feel that way when we feel overworked)

Among other issues of the day, patients were coming in much earlier than their appointed times in an effort to be seen on “their time” not ours. It only added to our frustration at the office.

My savior was a nine year old girl who is one of my favorite patients. (yes, dentists and doctors do have favorites) This kid is always in a good mood even when she has to come to the dentist. It’s refreshing. I saw her near the end of the day. Before she left I was handed that little orchid, which happens to be my favorite flower.

It gave me the energy I needed to get through the rest of the day and it turned my entire mood around.

To me it was like the universe was throwing me a little thank you my way. I didn’t need a grand gesture. Sometimes it takes a really small gesture from another person and they can become your hero for the day. Think about it :)

Just my thoughts this morning.



Singing in the Waiting Room

Does your routine bore you? What can we do to make the routine, less routine?

I think that so many of us are so in need of entertainment and a reprieve from our daily rigamorale that we need to make our days more interesting. One solution is make it personal, and inject a little pizzazz into your day.

Today as I parked my car in the garage near work, I was greeted by the always friendly valets. They have a job that can be monotonous like most of our jobs can be. However they try to make it interesting by learning the names of every single person that parks their car there regularly. They even come up with nicknames for the cars they park on the regular. My car is named, “El Rojo” simply because it’s red. As soon as they see me coming for my car, they shout out, “El Rojo” to each other to signal the car must be pulled out from the bowels of the garage for me. When I drop the car off in the morning, they come up with a new way to put my name into a song and sing it loudly. It’s nice to be greeted in that silly way after sitting in traffic for an hour in the morning. It takes the edge off. They don’t just do this for me, they do it for everyone. They are not obligated to do this, but I bet it makes their days go by much better. It is a positive way to make the time go by.

I saw two little boys in the office today. Then, as I was seeing their mother, they waited patiently in the waiting room. Instead of fighting or being rambuctious as children often are in that boring waiting room. They chose to entertain themselves by serenading the waiting room with an entire host of songs. I listened to two children loudly singing in unison and surprisingly on-key from the waiting room and laughed to myself. Their mother said, this is how they passed their time when they were bored. I didn’t mind it. At least they weren’t fighting. It brought good energy into the office. Another positive way to make the time go by.

Most of us have daily routines of getting up, sitting in traffic, going to work, gym etc. If we don’t break it up with a little of the ‘weird’ and silly then it can get too monotonous. Life is not meant to be lived like a robot. You also have to make it personal. One example of this succeeding is when Starbucks decided to start asking people what their names were when taking their order. It’s much nicer to hear your name being called when your coffee is ready than just hearing the name of the drink that three other people ordered in the pick up area. It makes it more personal.

Sometimes when I see people going through the day just getting from moment to moment without enjoying anything, I try to break them out of it. Often, I have patients who sit in the chair expressionless and think that they are just on a conveyer belt waiting to be treated until I call “Next!” That’s not how it works with me. They are not a number. Each person is unique. I make it personal. I tell stories, and make jokes. I had a child sit in the chair today and when I greeted him, the first thing he said to me was, “Did you know that I am special?” Adorable. You can only get away with that if you are a child. If an adult said that to me, I definitely wouldn’t find that adorable, I promise you. He went on to tell me about all of his achievements in school and told me that education was the key to everything. He was a special kid, he was right.

It is easy to get caught up in the mundane and the everyday and forget what is important. Making connections with other people and life around you is key.

Whatever you do with your day, and your life, make it personal. Make it special. Be silly and be wierd. Smile at someone, say hello, make a joke. Anything is better than just going through each day like a robot without taking notice, and enjoying the moment.



What’s Weighing You Down?

Do you ever feel like things are getting to be a little bit too much in your life and you are being pulled into too many directions? Do you feel like your worries are dragging you down and sitting on top of your shoulders with no reprieve in sight? This can happen to all of us. You are not alone. The best thing to do is to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Nothing in life is as bad as we percieve it to be. Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the little things that weigh us down that we cannot see the solution that is sitting in front of us. The truth is that none of the little worries that can plague us daily really matter. The things that are actually important can often be overlooked because we are too busy fussing over the mundane details. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the nonsense. Your world will not end if the unimportant things you worry about don’t go as planned.

Instead focus on what is important in your life and pool all of your energy and drive into that. It is incredibly easy to overlook the significant things. It is easy to waste your precious time on the unimportant, so don’t do it.

Just my thoughts for today.   Too heavy for a Sunday? ;)



Too Much Information?

I think sometimes people just need someone to talk to. I encountered a person today who unloaded too much information on me. They really don’t know me well at all. However, they felt the need to tell me everything about themselves plus the kitchen sink. At first I became thoroughly annoyed that this person was giving me details about their life that I really did not want to know. Then I realized that this person probably had no one else to confide in. They were probably like a cup of water that was just too full and needed to unload some of what they were holding on to. I guess we all need to do that once in a while just to be able to function.

It is definitely not healthy to hold on to things. We have to get rid of whatever feelings that are weighing us down. It will not do us any good to hold on to negative emotions. Holding the burdens we have inside of us and not sharing them with others will only harm us both emotionally and physically.

My advice, if you have things in your life that are pressing on you and you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t carry it on your own. You don’t have to. Share your thoughts and feelings with others. There is nothing wrong with venting. It does not make you a complainer. There is a difference between venting and being a chronic complainer. You can unload your worries on another person you trust. It will lighten your load a bit just taking the words out of your head and into the world. You never know what advice that person may offer. Even if they don’t give you advice, it will still make you feel lighter having shared your troubles with another.

What is important to remember is that once you have shared your worries, let them go. Don’t harp on them. It can lead to a slippery slope where you are constantly telling everyone what is wrong in your life and complaining about everything. Focus on what is good in your life. Then realize that whatever is not going right, eventually will. It takes a positive attitude to get you there.